Summer(s) After Plebe Year

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    Anyone know how long the summers are in between years at west point? Aka, how much time will cadetd be able to spend at home?

    Sorry if repost - couldn't find anywhere. Thanks!
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    Differs each year and for each cadet. Depends how much time they want at home. Generally, most cadets can have 2-3 weeks at home in the summer.
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    Just to add. They will have time off, but it will be in chunks rather than the entire summer. As an example, for my 2021 DD:
    1. Finished TEES on Thursday, was off until graduation so she went up to Montreal for a few days.
    2. After graduation was off until 17 June, so about 4 weeks.
    3. 16-29 June Air Assault School
    4. 30 June-29 July CFT (Cadet Field Training)
    5. 29 July-13 August- OFF
    6. 13 August (or thereabouts)- report for reorganization.

    If a Cadet has academic issues part of the free time above will be occupied with STAP (Summer Term Academic Program), or summer school. Some may do short studies abroad. After the "pluck" summer (between plebe and yuck year), they may do short studies abroad, civilian internships, CTLT (3 weeks with an active duty unit), or other military schools. I’ve known Cadets who did internships with Mercedes, Livermore Labs, studied poetry in England for 3 weeks or French on the Mediterranean Coast for 3 weeks. And to clarify, most of these study and internship opportunities are funded by alumni, not the government.
    So plan on a week or two during the summers. We obviously wanted to see our DD, but also encouraged her to go and see things.
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    Sometimes they get two weeks at a time--maybe twice during the summer (so Army training or summer school or an international trip, some sort of West Point based field training, and then coming back to school around 10-14 August for the new years)...Other summers they will opt to do internships, additional Army training, a leadership detail, maybe a sports camp/team training--and not have any time that they are free to come home--or only for a couple of days. The challenge is that the cadet is never really sure of his or her schedule until March or April or even May. There is a lot to do that is fun and fabulous--and part of it necessary...and each cadet will have a slightly different schedule.