Summer Seminar


Jun 18, 2017
I am filling out my NASS application and I need to answer either YES or NO if I am able to attend that particular session. The first one I definitely cannot as I am still in school, the second I can, and the third is the same week as the American Legion Boys State. I haven't started that process yet but I hope to attend. I am worried that if I only say I can attend session two my chances will drop as it is so specific. What should I do??
If you don’t want to attend NASS during the other sessions, do not put them down. It’s okay to apply for only one session. All my children applied to NASS early (within the first two weeks) and put down only one session. They all attended. Good luck!
From our experience last year, I'd encourage you to apply for everything (that doesn't conflict with school) as the timing will be a challenge on waiting to hear on NASS and getting your application in for Boys State. Our experience was that DS applied for two NASS sessions, one USMA SLE session and Boys State in a competitive state. Given there were no guarantees for any went for all. Happy problem when he got Boys State, SLE and NASS. Was able to switch from session 2 to session 3 of NASS due to SLE conflict. Went from leaving Boys State at midnight to the airport at 5:00 a.m. straight to SLE - a rough first day at SLE. Had 24 hours from SLE check-out (and a walk around the museum!) to NASS check-in. Three exhausting weeks that he described as the "most fun summer - ever" and solidified his desire to apply to USNA and USMA and NROTC. He also added USMC SLCDA later in July -- definitely don't overlook this terrific opportunity. Good luck!
Here's the deal . . .

First understand that NASS is a recruiting tool. Priority usually goes to applicants who are from schools or areas of the country that historically have not sent a lot of students to USNA. The idea is to get the word out about USNA to people who may not be familiar with it.

Second, because of the above, the most qualified candidates don't always get accepted. You may be the best candidate in the country, but if you attend a school that usually sends several students to USNA each year, you may not get into NASS. Like STEM camp, it's not a pure meritocracy. Thus, failing to be accepted to NASS is not necessarily predictive of your chances as an applicant to USNA.

Third, the more NASS sessions you can potentially attend, the more likely you are to be accepted. I don't want to suggest the numbers will go up dramatically, but it definitely increases your odds, especially if you can attend Session 1, which typically is less "popular" because so many h.s. students are still in school. For those other than the OP, if you can possibly attend Session 1, apply for it as that probably gives you the best odds.

Fourth, if you are accepted to NASS, it is for a particular session. IOW, it's not like you are accepted and then get to choose what session you want. You MAY be able to switch sessions, but the ability to do so will depend on someone in the other session either dropping out or asking to switch to your session. While a few NASS folks are able to switch sessions after acceptance, I would NOT count on it.

Fifth, because of the above, if there is zero chance you can (or will) attend NASS for a particular session, then don't apply for that session. I do NOT recommend applying to a session you know you can't attend, hoping you'll be accepted to that session and then be able to switch. USNA doesn't have the time, energy or manpower to be trying to switch schedules for hundreds of candidates and you will likely find that you can't switch and now you have nothing. If you could juggle some stuff and maybe make it to a session, then apply.
If they want you for nass, they will take you. Your week preference won’t disturb the decision process (at least I’m pretty sure). My roommate from nass applied to nass, sle, and afass, each with specific weeks so that if she got into all three it would be coordinated, and thats exactly how it ended up working out