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Jun 9, 2006
The oldest and largest US maritime college, founded in 1874, moved to Fort Schuyler in Throggs Neck, NY in 1934. Became part of the State University System of NY in 1948 when SUNY was founded, it is considered a "technology college." Of the 1273 enrolled students, 955 are in the Regiment. Programs of study are offered in Engineering, Naval Architecture, Marine Transportation/ Business Administration, Marine Environmental Science and Humanities.

Students from 15 mid-atlantic states may enroll at Maritime College at New York State tuition rates.
The only school besides USNA I seriously applied to.

I can't even remember if I got accepted. :biggrin:
It's a great school and location of a recent Law and Order episode!:thumb:
USMMA was founded because NY Maritime couldn't expand fast enough and nationally for WWII. It has outstanding facilities which have been recently updated and some would say has a superior program to USMMA. It certainly has more alums, albeit heavily NY oriented.
SUNY Martime is considered the "mid-atlantic" regional maritime college, so those from the area get in-state tuition AND if they are part of the MMR/NROTC, receive stipends (most are). SUNY Maritime is MUCH easier to get into; still need decent grades and SATs, but not all the rigermole of USMMA. Less stressful and fewer post-graduate requirements.
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Indoc weeks

Just dropped off son for 2 week indoc period for about 200 entering the regimental program. Much more organized and laid back than past experiences elsewhere. Nice campus, beautiful weather. Will report as I learn more.
Congrats Weski! Bet he's making sweat at the moment. Ack to Indoc. That kid is gonna soar. Let us know what kind of classes he'll be taking. When is his first break?
Congrats to weski and son! SUNYMA is a great school and he will surely thrive there. :thumb:
Sure hope so - 2nd time's the charm? Still waiting to see how credits transfer from KP. But the campus looks spiffier than USMMA and the people working there were much friendlier and helpful - had drive-in check in - pointed us in our car to proper stations, gave us room key and directions while still in our car. When unloading, the DIs actually helped carry the footlocker, etc.!!! I am still in shock over that. After instanteous buzzcut, received basic PT outfit (nicer than KP) and then were allowed to have BBQ lunch with family!!! Then they lined up (approx 200 incoming to the Regiment - not all students in the R) and were taught to stand at attention in formation, sworn in and released again for final hugs! See pix: And his room (7th floor) has a view of NY harbor/LI sound to die for. And to top it off - went to ship's store where we had preordered mop/broom, etc., and they were all prepackaged for pickup! The Empire State just came back from European cruise to/from Turkey to Ireland. Roommate from Virginia, so it's not all New Yawkers. It's sounding good so far.
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Yes sounds good to me...I heard of a CGA kid who may be transferring there next year...he had some ac's a great alternative and you can still get commissioned later if that's your thing! Keep us informed on ds's progress.

Maritime just enrolled the most incoming ever - 460 with 355 in the Regiment. College has 1400 with 1000+ in Regiment. Son just returned from Summer Sea Term to Italy, Estonia and Denmark. As for academics, still brutal, but better profs and environment. :thumb:
What is life in the Regiment like in SUNY? How does it compare to a service academy?
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Morf - perhaps you meant Suny in your question instead of "KP"? KP is a service academy so can we assume your question was related to Suny?

Weski? Ya hanging around?
Morf - perhaps you meant Suny in your question instead of "KP"? KP is a service academy so can we assume your question was related to Suny?

Weski? Ya hanging around?

Oops. :bang:

You are correct. I will edit my post.
maritime schools

One thing you have to relize and i didnt relize this right away is the Maritime Academies are public colleges that are just REGEMENTED meaning that they are teaching you how to be leaders and have good job skills for when ur out in the real world. Yes we wear the same uniforms as the naval academies and yes a few traditions are like the service academies but You are not obligated to any type of service. They offer ROTC but you are not obligated to any type of service. Maritime schools are good if you dont know if ur ready to go intot the military. you have time to decide see if its what you like and if you don't its not like you get in trouble.
Sorry for not catching this one - NY Maritime's regimentation is similar to the service academies, but not nearly as strict. I mean you still have to show up, look decent and keep your room clean for inspections. But most leave over the weekend unless there are activities and overall it is less anal. But there are still demerits and watches and shoe polishing.

Of those in the regiment, only about 25-33% are NROTC/MMR, which surprised me.