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Feb 12, 2008
Called the admissions office for USNA to see what my status is for my medical waiver.
The woman I spoke with said that they are waiting for the superintendent to review. What does that mean?
I'm really not sure. There are some cases where the supe will make the waiver decision, or it could be that your admissions package is waiting for the supe to review to offer an appointment. I'm really not sure.
Have a LOA subject to a medical waiver for vision.
I'm going out to USNA next week, any one I should make a point of seeing?
Never been there before? What a wonderful and beautiful place! Try to see EVERYTHING! And check out the city--right outside the gates!

Good luck and enjoy your visit!
Got my waiver denial from USNA..
Should I call my BGO for the proper process to appeal. Or, since I am still going to visit next week is there someone there that would help...
It's a medical waiver denial. Will I send the appeal to DODMERB or USNA or both...
Thanks for any suggestions. I am not giving up yet!
teddy, is your vision problem something to do with color blindness? If so, only the supt can grant a waiver and they are few and far between.
no it is for
distant visual auity not correctable to 20/20 in each eye
and anisometropia in excess of 3.5 diopters
If you want to have the waiver authorities review your package again you need to send a letter requesting this to DoDMERB.
If you want to have the waiver authorities review your package again you need to send a letter requesting this to DoDMERB.

but wouldn't teddy have to send some new info or something? would they ever come to a different decision on re-reviewing if they have all the same info as they had the 1st time? or do they have different doctors do the re-review as did the original review?
Even if you do not submit new information they will review it. It most likely will be the same physician reviewing it, but I've seen it where they have changed their decision without new information.

With or without new information, the chances of the waiver authorities changing the decision are not great, but there are times when even a small chance is worth pursuing.

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Thanks for your input...I am actually in the process (working with my eye doctor) I have not worn glasses and or contacts for four years.
DQ ... not correctable to 20/20 and anisomptropia in excess of 3.5 diopters My first visit with the doc I was 20/100
last vist 20/50 with a contact...doing some therapy. He thinks he can get me to 20/40 at the very least. Go back tomorrow to see progress. So before we appeal we need to be at my best...
And I'm gonna do it!

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