Supe's Email Hacked


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Jun 13, 2006
The following was sent from the email address -- -- to the Brigade yesterday.
Creative but I pity the poor soul when he is caught.:confused:

ps Scalloped potatoes were part of the lunch menu today.

I’d like to take a moment of your time to remind you about something very dear to my heart, the Great Communist Revolution. 89 years ago tomorrow, October 25 (by the Julian calendar), the great Comrade Vladimir Lenin led the glorious Bolsheviks and the Proletariats of St. Petersburg in a stunning uprising against the brutal and oppressive Bourgeois mechanism. The day would be forever remembered as Red October.
While Communism has been demonized due to the abuses of a few dictators who strayed from its core principles, the ideals of Comrades Marx and Engles are not only perfectly legitimate, but laudable. Indeed, the struggle for Egalitarianism is as alive in America today as it was in St. Petersburg almost a century ago, and this is something we reinforce every day within the Brigade of Midshipmen. As Comrade Lenin said, “Give me four years to teach the children… and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”
As officers, we must never take for granted our great fortune. While rank hath its privileges, as we are too often reminded in this environment, these privileges must be earned through the burden of great responsibility—and to presume that we are deserving of such privilege and responsibility, or to abuse the privilege or to neglect the responsibility… makes us no better than the Bourgeois of Lenin’s day. As you enjoy the scalloped potatoes at noon meal tomorrow, please bear in mind that while delicious, they are the fruits of labor, watered by the sweat and blood of the Proletariat.
The ideals of the Great Communist Revolution are no less relevant today than they were 89 years ago, and are no less intrinsic to human dignity than the central tenets of our own free society in America. In memory of the sacrifices made by our distant brothers in the name of this noble and universal cause, tomorrow shall be a day of equals among equals. All class distinction shall be suspended. Plebes shall be absolved of all duties relegated specifically to their derisory caste, and instead shall simply carry on as contemporaries with the rest of us. Instead of “Sir,” we will all be “Comrade,” as we are indeed all comrades here. In short, everyone will give and receive the great respect that each of us, as human beings, are due.
As you go about your routines tomorrow, remember your comrades and live the ideals of communism. Let all your actions promote the principle of egalitarianism. All thoughts and actions should beg the question, “How will this make me a better Communist?”
And finally, of course, please consider the words of this cherished song:
Sing to the Motherland, home of the free
Bulwark of peoples in brotherhood strong.
O Party of Lenin, the strength of the people,
To Communism’s triumph lead us on!
-Comrade Supe many people thought this was a legit email. It does sound very 'Supe-like', what with the song and all...but to have this email come from a man who spent the majority of his career fighting communism would be pretty odd to say the least.

Our TO told us we could have the privileges if we made a communist banner and hung it on the Supe's porch. We made a pretty badass banner, but our CO made us hang it in company area. It was taken down soon after.

We didn't get the privileges.

Let me clarify. We were told to make a "communist banner" by our training officer. What we actually made was a sheet that said "Beat Notre Dame" vertically down one side, and "26th Company" down the other in the Russian-like block lettering, all in red. In the center we had a large red star, and underneath was an awesome painting of a WWII russian soldier with a rifle, running. Nothing that anyone would get too upset about.
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allright y'all keep us updated on the fallout from this. Someone spent some serious time coming up with that email.
:yllol: I see the Academy hasn't broken their funny bones yet. They sure find some interesting things to do for entertainment. Made me laugh. Then again, I laugh when people fall down too.
The really scary thing is that apparently certain parents would welcome that e-mail if it were true. :thumbdown:

I'd really like to know who they find out did it. :shake:
Zaphod said:
The really scary thing is that apparently certain parents would welcome that e-mail if it were true. :thumbdown:

True that. :beer1:
You know, if I were the Admiral, and I'd been Photoshopped like that, I'd be PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSED.
"The really scary thing is that apparently certain parents would welcome that e-mail if it were true." :thumbdown:

I do not understand your statement. Help me.

The parent in question is not on this board. It's an inside joke from those of us who came from "the other place".

I'm afraid I was a bit out of it when I made that comment. I should be above such foolishness.
Just finished browsing some threads from"the other place" this windy Sunday morning.

I fully understand the context of your statement now.

Laying low in the tall grass here observing.

Carry on with your good work.
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Nah. I'm done in that thread. I've said my piece, and neither of those dimwits is worth one more second of the valuable time the Lord has granted me.

Screw 'em.
WF, good homework. But please know that none of us on either site flame threads. The person in question popped up last year & played devil's havoc & was kicked off the site. I believe this person to be one & the same. Easy enough to get another user name by changing an email. Just thought I'd add a few thoughts about it here to help with any confusion. Anyhow, lets get back to the good stuff. :wiggle:

That's the banner we hung up outside our company officer's door. Last minute orders prevented us from performing a recon to place it on the Supe's porch.
the right side says '26 company'...The left side says "Red October"
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As a computer programmer I can tell you that it is a simple matter to send an email that has any "From" email address on it that I want. It is not really hacking but it is a form of forgery. To the masses, it would look legit, but when you look at the post office/server used to send the email, you can often see that it is suspect and also trace the email back to (or close to) the real source.

In the early days of the Internet, I postulated that someone could easily break up a marriage using this technique. Or get a guy fired. Think about it, if there is some guy in the office you don't like... Start sending emails pretending to be him to his female coworkers of an inappropriate subject matter.

Bottomline, don't believe everything you read.
I agree with the simplicity of hacking email. But if this came from inside the "secure" Navy network someone has some splainin to do.

No techie here.

This email was a funny spoof but how can the brigade question other emails etc. from an Admiral wondering if its real or not.

lol trust but verify

as to interpreting the print on the left of the poster above you could probably get a quick response from NY Times or perhaps from the office of the senior senator from Massachusetts
Ted Kennedy knows Russian?? I didn't think he was that highly educated, he can hardly speak English. :shake: