T/V Kings Pointer in Charleston

Wow...who knew the Citadel had such a place?
First you get the KPer in June then the varsity comes in July...ha ha JM knows what I'm talkin about...:shake:
Yea, I don't think we'll be able to make the KP visit due to a visit home by somebody more important but I AM NOT missing the "Dirty Bird". Theres a good chance that I might know somebody that will atleast let me stand on her deck for a few minutes before they say, "Hey, get that silly woman off here! She's stealing the plugs off the deck!"

Yep, those Citadel boys/gals have a nice place. They actually get to use it for life. A hurricane took out the first beach house so when they re-built, they put the posh into it. Its pretty cool.
Naw Jt, they don't really visit schools, just ports. The T/V Kings Pointer will sail into Charleston Harbor. The kids will go into town and be hosted by some KP Alumni. The reason they will be at the Citadel's beach house for the BBQ one of the evenings, is that one of the KP Alumni teaches at The Citadel & he arranged everything.
This is my first posting since joining a few minutes ago. My son is a MDN 1st Class, and is doing his internship at Jacksonville port with the pilots for 2 weeks. Last week, imagine his surprise when the request was put in to guide the KINGS POINTER into Jax! It's nice to be so far from home, and then get a surprise like that to make your day!
:welcome1: MountaineerMom, glad you found this place! Keep us posted on your son's internship. Would love to hear more about it since I have a newly minted 3rd classman & have alot to learn. That HAD to make your son's day to see the KPer. And he probably thought, Wow, why don't they get that 4th engine running. LOL I hear its just running on three. Please give a description of what his internship entails when you get a chance. Very interesting. And again, welcome!
Thank you for the welcome. My son aims to be a River Pilot, and was fortunate to be able to do his internship with the Bay Pilots at Jacksonville Port. He 'interns' with a Pilot for two weeks, going onboard ships that come into port, as required by law. Pilots 'advise' the captains as to the channel they must follow, obstacles that are peculiar to a channel, and contribute to bringing ships into port safely. If you 'google' River Pilot, there are some nice articles, including one from the TIMES PICAYUNE out of LA. It tells the job of a River Pilot. My son's major is Marine Transportation. He is on the Offshore Sailing Team, and loves it. He is returning to KP early to help with the Waterfront Team, but due to his internship overlapping INDOC time, he will be there strictly as a volunteer. So, any incoming 'candidates,' take a hint. My son LOVES what he is doing, and has never looked back.
Very cool indeed. It amazes me at the opportunities these kids have. Mine goes out very soon to Honolulu to catch his ship that will sail around all the islands, Guam & then to Hong Kong. He's planning to do an internship with The Coasties. Things could change but he's been pretty solid with wanting to be a Coastie. I know a few KP grads who are pilots in Charleston & they love their jobs. They liked the fact that they were home most evenings & of course the $bling$. They make a pretty darn good living those guys. What places did your son go for his sea year?
Ah...lofty goal a Coastie is. :wink: As for the Sea Duty, I was warned about phone bills and nothing prepared me for some of them! One, I even kept from my husband! For his first travel experience, my son went to Gibraltar, Italy, Spain, the Suez Canal numerous times, SA, Oman and Dubai, UAE. He loved Dubai! If anyone reading this has a son/daughter going there, get your GOLD Wish List printed now! For the second trip, my son did half in the Far East, hitting Japan, China, Okinawa, Guam and the CA ports. He did not get off the ship in China, as they require both a passport and a visa, and he lacked a visa. But the vendors that came onto the ships brought the stores to them. The second half of his Duty was on the East Coast, between NJ, Jacksonville and Puerto Rico. Pretty tame compared to the rest. I believe the alumni when they say they never forget their experiences at sea. Good luck to your son on his first voyage!