Taking Chance


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May 8, 2008

I think it's going to be a fantastic movie.

Phelps was killed in action at approximately 13:30 on April 9, 2004 (Good Friday), outside Ar Ramadi, Iraq. Phelps's unit was conducting convoy escorts (including the assistant commander of the First Marine Division, Brigadier General John F. Kelly) when they came under heavy small arms fire, including rocket propelled grenades. Despite being wounded, he refused to be evacuated, and instead manned his M240 machine gun to cover the evacuation of the rest of his convoy. Upon withdrawal, he sustained his fatal wound to the head.

Phelps was buried in Dubois on April 17, 2004. His remains were escorted home by LtCol Michael Strobl, whose accounts of the escort were recorded in an article he wrote entitled "Taking Chance". In attendance were his parents, stepparents, sister, the Chief of Naval Intelligence (for whom his sister was an aide), and every veterans organization within 90 miles (140 km). Several days later, a memorial service was held in Camp Ramadi, Iraq, by his unit. Some time after that, Chance was officially awarded a posthumous promotion to Lance Corporal. Approximately the same time, a baseball field constructed in Camp Ramadi was dedicated Phelps Field. In mid-2005, a mess hall at Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms was dedicated Phelps Hall, with his citation posted on a boulder in front. Phelps is also memorialized by a rock garden at the 3/11 office and at the Dubois VFW post, as well as a plaque that travels with Battery L wherever it deploys and a battery mascot named after the Marine.
I remember the article. If the movie is half as good, it will definetly be worth watching. Setting my Tivo now....