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  • Hey bullet,

    I read your posts from an RPA thread written back in May and they were very insightful.

    I was curious if you had any insight for someone who was married going to URT at Randoph? I understand that you in process at Randolph and will be put on casual status that may very in length depending on the Air Force. Then you TDY to Pueblo (while still have your housing/apartment in San Antonio) then come back to Randolph for instrument training. Next you go to Holloman AFB. Is this a TDY or would I have to end my lease in San Antonio and get a new apartment/ on base housing in New Mexico? From my research, RPA pilots find out the where there first flying squadron location will be while at Holloman AFB and will PCS after training is complete there. Do you know if this is correct?

    Thank you for your time and helpful information. Also sorry this couldn't be sent in a PM, I am a new member.

    Very Respectfully
    I was reading the 2015 Stalker's Mailbox Club and happened upon a post from you describing your own situation as a young man as a wannabe pilot. Would you mind posting it again for the 2016 group? Your story has so much wisdom in it. It meant a lot to me to read it, and it may help others too. So I thought I'd ask. Thanks. v/r,
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