Taking Classes at Another Univeristy?


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Jan 11, 2018
Currently on an AROTC scholarship. Ran into a problem where a class that I needed this semester had been cancelled. When I spoke to my advisor she pointed me towards the Univeristy Of Phoenix because the credits would transfer over to the Univeristy that I’m currently attending. Has anyone had any experience with something similar to this? Would my scholarship pay for this class even though it isn’t at my usual University?

In all likelihood, it will be on your dime. Have you checked to see if the course is offered at a community college? Or perhaps another institution in the state where it might be offered online. Some schools allow you to take an online course at another university while currently enrolled, some do not. Our sons, for example, often took a course online from a community college while being enrolled full-time at their scholarship school. I would steer clear of a for-profit institution like U of Phoenix.
Agree with txpotato on community college being a better option.

Also, immediately let your Cadre know about the situation.

You have a duty to stick with the curriculum listed Form 140-R or advise your cadre if there is any problem adhering to it.

Who knows? The PMS might work with you to approve financing an outside course to stay on the timeline to graduate in four years.