Teacher Evaluations for Home School Student

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    I am posting this here since my son is intersted in all three SA's.

    Good Evening All,
    I am looking for help with the Teacher Evaluations. My son has been Home Schooled for his Jr and Sr years. We did so because he was not getting as much in the public school arena as we wanted. He is part of a larger Christian School Umbrella group. There are approximately 125 students who either attend at the school or who are home schooled in the Sr Class.
    Who can I get Teacher Evaluations from since Fresh/Sophomore would not be applicable?
    Thanks in advance,
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    I would contact your child's BGO, ALO, etc. Each SA may handle things differently but all have procedures in place for home schooled students. In our region, there is one BGO who handles all home schooled students and I guarantee that he/she knows the answer. Not all regions or SAs may handle things the same way.

    If that person doesn't know, contact your Regional Director (for USNA) and the equivalent for the other SAs for additional info.

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