Teacher evaluations / recommendations


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Jun 27, 2006
My son is wondering if he can/should substitue his Honors Physics teacher for his Math teacher as far as the teacher evaluation/recommendation goes. Although he did quite well in his Alegebra II and Pre-calc classes as a junior - the teacher knows that my son did not apply himself.

His physics teacher happens to be the head master of the school and my son got a 99% in his class.

Q: What is your opinion on whether to use the Physics teacher as the math reference?

Q: Does anyone know what type of questions the service academies ask of the teachers?


My son called and talk to the admissions folks because his Math teacher moved back to England. Son is in the AICE program, the students take the british A levels. His math teacher was a on a exchange visa and had to return to England. He explain all of this to them and they were like "well then we want this years math teacher" Who hasn't been hired as of yet and schools doesn't start until Sept 5. With the deadline coming up on Sept. 1st, he asked if he could use his sophomore teacher and they were fine with that. Since the british teacher doesn't have an .edu address they would not accept the him as a rater.

They wanted a MATH teacher. Use his other teacher slot for the physics teacher. I believe this is also about following directions. In the military, the focus can be on just that. Well if he can't follow simple instructions on a form how can we expect him to fly a 30 million dollar plane.

I have the same mixed feeling about this math teacher. My son got an 83% in his class, in our school district this a C+. But he is also my son's lacrosse coach and a USNA '72 grad. This year after 10 years of lacrosse being a sport at the HS, the won their first District Championship. My son is the goalie, capt. and the MVP of the team. I know that coach really wants son to go to AF. I know he won't lie either.

A funny aside, son had his interview with his ALO Sat. He thought this Sept 1
deadline was pretty stupid. He felt school had not started for most of the country and it was going to be hard for kids to get teachers and GCs to do these forms if they aren't around.
I must agree with justawife. Rule #1 is follow directions.

Being on the USNA side of things, I can't say what USAFA requires. However, before I would unilaterally substitute Physics for Math, I would check with the Academy's admissions office.