Teacher is having trouble sending in reccomendation


Feb 9, 2017
My English teacher is having trouble submitting the letter of recommendation. The link has already been reset once and the letter still did not go through. Other teachers have submitted with no problems. Should I contact admissions? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Ask the teacher to try using a different computer or laptop to do the submission.
Also if she is using a browser based email system, try a different browser.
Funny enough my English teacher had an issue as well. The issue arises when people use Microsoft word to type up your recommendation, and try copy and pasting it into your portal. Tell your teacher to use "wordcounter.net". I told this exactly to my teacher and the next day she emailed me that everything went smoothly. Sometimes the character count is off and such, and so it won't work. Also, if you can, ask your teacher for the error message that they get when trying to submit. But I'm pretty sure it's a word count problem. Took me about two weeks to fix, until I figured it out :D Hope this helps, and if not, please send the error that your teacher gets.
Thanks for all the help. English teacher finally got it submitted with copy and paste.