Tell me all I need to know about USAFA Prep

Discussion in 'Service Academy Preparatory Schools' started by LesakUSAFA, Nov 29, 2015.

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    I am hoping to get an appointment to the Hill upon graduation this year, but if not, I will gladly go to prep school. Is it hard to be recommended for USAFA Prep? Also, if I go through the prep school, what are my odds of making it to the Hill? I do not want to waste a year of my life if I won't get in. Thank you!
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    Part of the USAFA process is to automatically consider you for PREP if you're not quite up to a direct admission. There's not a separate application or procedure. They'll simply notify you that you've been selected to attend the PREP school.

    I would say most that successfully complete the PREP school go on to the Academy. You can pass the classes and still not make it though.... Attitude is everything. You have to WANT to be there, you have to do the work, and don't quit.
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    Lesak, you need to do some homework here. Prep school is a golden ticket. It means you have MOST things USAFA desires but you need a year to either catch up, improve, enhance, or retool. If you are selected for a prep school slot, a nomination will be yours to lose.

    Look through the hundreds of posts about the prep schools. You will find all the information you need there.

    BTW: not to flame but the title of your thread annoyed fencersmother; "tell me ALL I need to know." Fencersmother says: find it out for yourself and then if you have questions, ask. A small point to be sure, but no spoon feeding for those wishing to lead others.
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    Those that ARE willing to "risk" a year of their "life" usually have the determination and confidence that a service academy is looking for. Of course nothing is guaranteed (especially in the military) but this is why re-applicants are typically, highly looked upon by admissions. If the end goal is important enough to you it will be worth the "risk".
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