tendonitis and flat feet


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Feb 6, 2008
For starters, I am a junior in high school and am just getting ready to start USMC option NROTC applications with my recruiter. I have been doing well on my path to that, until I was recently diagnosed with achilles tendonitis. This was most likely caused by my flat feet (they have never been diagnosed as pes planus). My doctor referred me to a physical therapist, who has advised me to get custom orthodics. From what I have read on this site, that seems like a bad idea. This tendonitis has caused me to stop track this season, and since that is my only sport, I am worried about the implications with my NROTC scholarship applications.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!!!
If you had to stop track due to the tendonitis your first thought should be about getting yourself healthy. If the physical therapist has recommended custom orthotics, then in my mind, that is the route you should take. Your health should always come first, no questions.

If you do get the orthotics it most likely will be a disqualification, but that can be waived.

If you do not get the orthotics and you continue to have tendonitis that affects your activities it will be a disqualification and a waiver would be much more difficult to obtain.

As always, you, your parents, your physician and in this case, your physical therapist all need to make the decision together.
Thank you very much for trhe information! How likely is it that the waiver would be approved, and are there any ways to get good non-custom orthodics?
Any orthotics, custom, prescribed or OTC could be a disqualification. If your physical therapist has stated that the custom orthotics is the best choice, then I would listen to the physical therapist. But again, that is your choice.