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Feb 6, 2008
I just found out that I have achilles tendonitis. I got it while on a fairly intense search and rescue mission, and it hurts with any vigorous activity. Doctor said it just needs to rest, but that is not an option. Will this be a posible disqualifying injury, or will it even be detected if I keep my mouth shut about it? I can deal with the pain, I just hope it dosen't affect my DODMERB score.
You need to mention it. Depending on the severity of it it could be a disqualification. I would take your physicians advise and rest it before it becomes either a chronic condition or gets so severe that you could possibly require surgery.

On the whole, a history of tendonitis is not a disqualification. If you have the tendonitis at the time of your physical examination DoDMERB will request the medical records on it. As long as it has healed it should be no problem. If it hasn't healed there is the possibility of a disqualification.

Follow your physicians directions. If this is your dream, do not loose it by being stubborn and hard headed.
Thank you, I am going to be getting in touch with my doctor and a physical therapist. Hopefully I can get this under control so that it won't be an issue. Thanks again for your advice.