Texas Maritime vs. Kings Point

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    I've recently been accepted to both Kings Point and Texas Maritime. Currently, I'm trying to decide between the two. A&M is a lot closer to home and less regimented, but KP is near free. I've had both a Maine alum and a Mass Maritime alum tell me that KP is better hands down due to the network. I was wondering if any grads of either KP or Texas maritime here could give me the pro's and cons of each. Thanks!
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    I haven't met many aTm graduates in my time; however, both institutions can prepare you well for a maritime career.

    In my opinion nothing can beat the preparation you receive at KP. The education you receive there is top notch and the name on the diploma can also help when looking for jobs outside of Texas; whereas aTm may help some in some instances when looking within TX.

    Plus, 20 min outside of NYC sure beats Galveston 48 weeks of the year :)
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    Hi TexasSailor,

    My DS graduated from Texas A&M Maritime in December 2014. While he had a slightly different reason to attend there (graduated with Bachelors very young and was enrolled in a Master’s degree program), I can say that he would make the same decision over and over again. He basically went to school for free (took advantage of instate tuition and the SSOP scholarship). The school also offers many different scholarships. He loves his Aggie connection, both here at home and wherever he goes.

    Yes, I believe that the regiment is a more relaxed but the education is not. He passed his license exam by going 7 for 7, the first time. He had a job before he graduated and is now sailing with MSC. He is also an Ensign in the Navy Reserve—just like any KPer. He sailed the 3 summer cruises which are limited to 60-90 days. KP you will sail for MUCH longer. From his perspective, he feels that he can hang with any maritime school. In his time at school, there were many, many “KP transfers” that came and went.

    I will not argue that the KP legacy may be great, but it is the person that does the job is what really matters. He feels that he had the best of both worlds, a maritime education, participated in NROTC , got a master’s degree, hunted and fished on the weekends and went to College Station for football weekends.

    So, your mileage may vary, but it really is what you make of it. At his MSC NEO orientation, they did not care where you went to school, just that you had the license and that you were ready to work.

    Feel free to PM me any specific questions.

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