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Oct 28, 2008
I am new to this but felt compelled to join in and to let everyone know that all of the questions and answers are very interesting. Some people obviously spend alot of their valuable time answering questions and just so you know, your time is well spent. Your entries are read and re-read by many people like me that usually never take the time to comment. I love this forum. It is like finding a treasure. So, thanks again.
Now, I wonder if someone could tell me the most economical and logical way to visit the Naval Academy. Comming in from the North West I suppose I fly to BWI to start with. Then ? I thought I would like to Also visit West Point before or after as part of the same trip. Is there a train? I would think there are many people that would find a responce helpfull as well. Thanks
I would suggest that you bring a parent and be prepared to rent a car, if you are planning on going to Annapolis and West Point.
With a car rental you have many options:

1. Visit USNA first - fly into BWI or Dulles. Drive to Annapolis. Then you can either drive to NY - about 4.5 hours or take the car back, fly to Newark or Newburgh and you will still have to rent a car.

2. Visit USMA first and fly into Newburgh, Newark, JFK or La Guardia. Rent a car. Drive to West Point and then to Annapolis.

With MOST airlines you want to get a round trip ticket since they charge you extra for one-way. However if you fly Southwest, Frontier and (I think) Jet Blue they sell their tickets as one way. You can then fly into DC and out of NY or vice versa without paying megabucks extra.

Which airport would you fly out of? Any idea when you would go and how much time you will have?
I hope I didn't confuse you too much!
If you do not frequently travel PLEASE double check the ages on renting a car. While my D and I were at the Baltimore airport there was a young girl there getting stuck with a horrendous daily charge because she was under the age of 23 with no other driver. Sometimes there is no other choice - and for a trip like that a car rental might be the way to go- but it is something to be aware of :)

Also- for Annapolis-- might I suggest a very SMALL car. The streets are narrow and parking is at a premium. Lots of traffic. Boy was I glad we had the itty bitty car we did when I confronted that situation.

You will be so glad you took the trip- very well worth it :biggrin:
a few years ago we went from the west coast to Annapolis and then took Amtrak to NYC where we changed trains to go to West Point. The problem is getting to/from the train stations ... We took the train back to NYC and flew home from there. Cost factor was not a big issue as prices seemed to be okay when dealing with airlines directly. We rented a car but the hard part was getting a car at the train station by West Point. It had no real "services", at least back then it didn't. Enterprise (NFI) brought the car to us ... but they only do that during certain hours so that limited us quit a bit. Train between the two doesn't really solve the rental car issue, does it! ... At that time I was unable to find any means of getting from the train station to West Point, found no shuttle or anything like that. But the rental car did work out well and taking the train to NYC was very easy - just had to change trains to get to West Point... Of course - that was a few years ago...
Passenger trains up the Hudson are on the east side of the river - West Point is on the west side. Many folks do take the train to Garrison and then get Enterprise to pick them up. The cadets have access to a ferry but it is run by the Army and only available to cadets spring through fall.
It is possible to take the train to NYC then go to the Port Authority and take a bus to West Point. Shortlines runs a bus right to Thayer gate. This is very cumbersome however.
Yes, to rent a car you generally need to be over 21 and over 25 to not get penalized. Hence the suggestion to bring a parent.
Could also take the train after visiting the Naval Academy up to NYC, take the LIRR to visit the Merchant Marine Academy, then take the bus to visit West Point, then take Amtrak to the Coast Guard Academy and fly out of TF Green near Providence.

4 of 5 service academies are within three states of each other.
Oh, I like LITS's travel plans best...can I come?

hotlavafrog, I sent you a pm with a suggestion for a travel agent that many SA people use.

Enjoy your trip!
Taxi service to and from the garrison train station is another option...if your train gets in after car rental hours, call a cab. Then arrange to get the car the next morning. My cadet had a train before the ferry was running and just took the cab.
If you plan to take a taxi it is easier to get one in Peekskill than Garrison. It is only 1 stop difference and really not much more of a cab fare...
travel to USNA

Great advise, thanks to everyone. This gives me alot of options to investigate.
I'd add something that my son and I did last fall when we visited USNA for the first time. We got on stubhub and got football tickets and sat with the class of 62. Had a ball and learned a lot. Some of them had more recent grads as family members so we visited with mids from the 90's, 80's, 70's and 60's.