Thanks Coast Guard!


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Jun 9, 2006
Good work by the Coast Guard here in Washington…

CENTRALIA, Wash. -- In a search and rescue operation unlike anything seen before in Western Washington, helicopter crews have spent days flying over flooded cities and towns, plucking stranded people and pets off lawns and rooftops to take them to shelters.

The Coast Guard has brought in helicopters from around the state and California, and area sheriff's departments, the Navy, the Air National Guard, and the Washington State National Guard are also providing helicopters and crews.

More than 300 people have been rescued by helicopters, and several family pets have also been evacuated by air.

Coast guard cameras captured many of the rescues, and some of the pictures and video are below:
Oh....those airdales get all the attention! haha, they even got their own movie. The seas look a lot bigger when you're not hovering over them at 100 ft.

That's great though, thanks for sharing that link.:thumb:
I would guess a few of the helos came from CG Air Station Port Angeles, WA. I was there as a cadet (in Port Angeles, not at the air station.)

Good luck with the nasty weather up/over there.
Oh....those airdales get all the attention! haha, they even got their own movie.

That was a good movie. I enjoyed it! :thumb:

I do appreciate all the Coasties not just the “airdales”. My hubby works with a retired Coastie who is in his 60’s. He tried to convince my gung-ho Army son to go Coast Guard instead. The guy has some really great stories.

The weather has been cooperating since Tuesday, very little rain and it looks like no heavy rain is forecast in the next week or so. The got I-5 open again last night but only to commercial truck traffic. They hope to open it up to all vehicles today or tomorrow once they finish clearing debris. The losses in Lewis, Grays Harbor, and Mason counties are huge and it will take awhile for people to recover. Many farmers lost all their livestock along with their barns and houses.
If you want to see the CG in action, just watch any season of The Deadliest Catch on Discovery Channel.. Every season they show how the CG are called to respond to the ships. It is absolutely amazing, how fast they get there and what they do!