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    I just wanted to say thank you to the moderators and contributors of this forum. I have a senior NROTC Marine Corps option at an SMC and a C4C at the USAFA. I did not discover this forum until I was searching for information about nominations for my younger DS. I lurk around on here multiple times during the day (don't tell my boss) and always get a laugh (thank you PIMA) or some great bit of information - also thank you PIMA and many others!

    Both my DS routinely roll their eyes at me when I preface some remark with "I was reading something on the Service Academy Forum...." but I feel support from a bunch of people I have never met but are going thru similar experiences to mine and I just want to say how much I appreciate everyone taking time out of their busy schedules to share their experiences and stories with everyone.:thumb:
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    :thumb: I learned a great deal from lurking around here and echo your comments about the moderators and the many contributors. I know they provided me with a lot of insight and knowledge.
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    This is a wonderful and well moderated community. The wealth of knowledge accessible here has been a huge help to me and my DS. Accordingly, I try to give back whenever possible with whatever two cents I can muster up! :smile:
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    You are all very welcome for the information that you've gotten from this forum. As always, it is great to see people become involved and stay to help others on the way. As much as I love to stay involved with these forums, my experience as a USAFA parent is becoming dated. Current information and experience comes from all of you, and we are very thankful to have you on here.

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    I greatly appreciated so very much of the advice, the keen insight, the suggestions, the "NEVER DO THIS" admonitions when I first searched this forum. Still, after many years, I am still in contact with several people I "met" here, and consider them to be dear friends.

    As the new parents and candidates come forward, I remember so well all the help I got. It is a great site, the Service Academy Forums.

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