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    What happens if you go to SLS or any of the other Academy's summer seminars and fail the CFA?
    Do they let you retest later in the summer?
    If yes, how many times can you retake it? Which day at SLS do they usually administer the test?
    I'm really trying hard to achieve the average scores by joining track and doing push-ups and sit-ups every night and trying to get at least 1 pull-up. I just read the thread on the B-ball throw and I'm going to start practicing that too. I know there are no official minimums, but what are some scores that are considered passing?
    Sorry about all the questions, but I'd really appreciate answers or if you could direct me another thread. Thanks:smile:
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    Shoot for the published maximums, be above the averages is the best place to be to know that you are considered passing.

    If you fail at SLS or NASS (USAFA'S SS doesn't count officially like USMA and USNA's can), its basically like you get a freebie, and you will be allowed to redo it. You are only allowed one shot generally to pass it when you take it at home which is why you shouldn't submit until you know you passed. The only way if you fail one administrated to you at home by your gym teacher or whoever is eligible that you will be allowed to retake it is by the Academy's request.
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    From asking people and reading around, the 'unofficial minimums', based off of the APFT, my own scores, and scores of people who are in that I've asked are approximately as follows for males:

    BB Throw: 50'
    Pull Up: 5
    Shuttle: 11.0s
    Push Up: 46
    Sit Up: 56
    1MR: 7:45

    The average score is well above these, so if you're even close to average, you're good. Also be aware if you cannot exceed or approach the average scores, life will be more difficult for you in basic training. When I did basic the first time, I had never ran two miles in my life (I know, I'm the least athletic cadet in this class) and I had to deal with the extra stress of worrying about keeping up. It's better to sweat more beforehand and be in the front of the pack so to speak. However, just get in first. Don't sweat the CFA score too heavily.
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    The only thing I will add is that don't let your CFA delay completion of your application.

    I seen it too many times, I was going to practice, I am not ready, it's cold (November to February), oh the application deadline is fast apporoaching.

    I always advise for applicants to take a practice test now, so you know where you stand. The CFA is designed to test your overall fitness/physical abilities. So you might able to run 1 mile in 6 minutes, but I am pretty sure you will add 30 seconds or more to your 1 mile run time after other five events in the CFA.
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    I'll add a couple more thoughts-
    If you meet the average scores, you will pass.
    If you fail one event, you fail the whole test, even if you max all the others.
    Get it done in summer when you have the time to work on it and get it out of the way!

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