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Jun 9, 2006
Chip, when do you begin your adventures at Norwich you Rook!? I know your sitting on all that paper work but your not sharing the details. Not being fair to those of us who want to know the ins & outs. Have you decided on what clubs/sports/activities you're intersted in signing up for yet? How long does your inprocessing last so we'll know when to look for you to be back? I've not seen the campus up close & personal but it does look so pretty with the photos I've seen. Let us hear about what being a Rook in the Corp entails!
^^^ Can I not spell or what? LOL Thought I'd bump this to see if Chip is still in the land of the living. Anybody heard from him on how he's doin'? Hope he hasn't been "broken" as they say. :frown: Many best wishes to our favorite Rook in hopes that he's making it alright.
I thought I spotted him "lurking" around the other day..............

Chip!!! Where are you????????? You still alive???? :wink:
Hey guys its going pretty well, after a month here the routine has pretty much fallen into place and the culture shock of being a rook wore away a while ago. You don't think about what you are doing or how it compares of how you would do it anymore. Our cadre have backed off a little bit, their not as in our face as much. Rook week was more mentally than physically demanding I would say. The administration and commandant of cadets really cracked down on hazing this year so that severely limits what our cadre can do, and you can see it in them that their upset. The classes are small and engaging, I did not want to overload myself first semester so I'm only taking 14 credit hours right now. Right now i am in two clubs, Pegasus Players, its the schools theater production group and the Army ROTC Ranger platoon. The PT for them is pretty demanding, we need to be able to get a 280 pt score in about a month. I did well on the run and situps, i just need to work on the pushups a bit more. We go to the m16 range next week and Mil Science I class has our FTX in early october. The campus is pretty nice, they just got done adding a few buildings around here, so there is a lot of cleanup construction going around. And their beginning to build a couple more buildings so the heavy noises and machinery kind of kill the scenery a bit but they will be gone shortly anyway.