The Gunsmith Thread

The jibes about Maryland laws are spot on. They are non-sensical and worthless. Ironically, one of the best AR gunsmiths in the country lives in MD. Check out SOTAR.
Oh yeah, Maryland. You can't have a standard run of the mill AR-15, but if it is chambered in anything BUT 5.56x45 it's not on the banned list.

So .450 Bushmaster or .458 SOCOM is not on the banned list. Genius!

1719059312057.png 1719059405223.png
So if you want an AR-15 capable of dropping any mammal in North America including a 1,500 pound moose or 700 pound Grizzly bear with one shot, then it's perfectly legal in Maryland, whereas an identical rifle chambered in .5.56/.223 (which isn't really good for anything bigger than a coyote or delicate human) is a scary "Assault Weapon". Okay. Got it!

This is what happens when idiots write laws based on emotion.
Ooh, I forgot this one. Guy brings in a .300BLK pistol with a Gucci logo decal dip finish. It no worky.

Apparently when he dropped it off, he said "It's my brother's gun and I want to get it fixed for him. He's Delta" . No kidding, those were the words that came out of his mouth.

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I mean, it's tough to find good work after getting fired from Moen!
This dingus brings me a Carcano rifle with a stupid aftermarket picatinny rail in a bag to replace the rear sight.

...and this is what the two (formerly slotted) screw heads on the rear sight look like:

1720200084658.png 1720200121223.png

Holy frijolies buddy, you couldn't stop after ruining just one of them?
People are special. I got one of them out so far. Still working on the other one. Unscrewing this (pun intended) is going to cost this clownshoe, let me tell you.

"Here's your sign".
Delta Airlnes luggage handler, maybe? Even I get his bad this one was.