The new Tags system


Jun 8, 2006

We have recently installed a search engine optimization program called Zoints. As part of this program, we also installed a Tags system. What this system does is allow you to tag your threads with certain keywords. It is not necessary to add tags to your threads. However, doing so will help additional members find our forums through search engines.

The tags system also assists the search system, since it allows posts to be indexed and searched by tags instead of titles or post content.

For example:

If I were to post a question about USAFA in the appropriate forum and the question was about my ALO and admissions, I might put the Tags USAFA, ALO, air force academy admissions. There are several variations of course. Basically the idea is to put tags for what you might search in a search engine.

Again this is entirely optional, but encouraged.

Do not, however, abuse the tag system by putting irrelevant information in it. This will not be advantageous to the forums and will result in disciplinary action.

Thank you.

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Nice! You are such a hard worker for this site. It is much appreciated. Thank you for your continued upgrades!