The old eating disorder thread


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Jun 15, 2006
All, there was a thread titled "Eating Disorder" in with the original poster go "cold feet" and asked that it be removed. One other poster had posted in that thread as well.

I deleted the entire thread at the OP's request, not because of any questionable posts, or because of the actions of members, but because the OP felt that they had placed to much personal information in the thread. I actually looked to see if there was a way I could edit some of the information in the OP's original post and have it make sense without the personal information, but I was unable to.

I hope everyone understands that this was a request from the OP, and if someone posts something and later (with 24 hours) decides that they are uncomfortable with that medical information being out there, please feel free to PM ne and I will see what I can do.