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Discussion in 'Life After the Academy' started by cisco, Oct 10, 2011.

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    I've been looking being in the Old Guard, I would love to honor all of our fallen troops and do the hardship duties and respect TOG gives. As well as their perfection of how they execute their duties in an extremely professional manner. Yet, somethings I'm unsure of.

    I know you have to be tall, but what is the minimum height? It's been different answers. From 5'8 ft. To 5'11 ft. for minmum height. I believe the max. height is 6'4 ft.?

    Is there a waist limit? I know you have to maintain a certain "shape" and physical fitness, but somewhere I read you cannot be pass a 30? Or is this a silly myth that is mislead information?

    What are all the roles for Officers and some of their duties? I know there's CMD of the Drill Team who rarely performs with them. Does he have to be a Captain?

    What is the maximum time you can be apart of TOG? Some people told me it is around 3 or so years. Yet, I've heard people stay in for 4 yrs or maybe more?

    If any more information can be given, it'd mean a great deal! Thank you for your time.
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    cisco- while the Old Guard looks very impressive and do a phenomenal job at their ceremonial duties in Arlington, most of the guys that I knew who were assigned there as officers rapidly found it tedious. I believe the term used to be that the unit spent their time on "military kabuki".
    Assignment to the 3rd Infantry is just that- an assignment. While I assume that there are 2Lt positions there as there are in any MTOE assignment, I personally think it would be a terrible first assignment as an Infantry Lieutenant. My personal opinion only ok? But as a Lieutenant you are really supposed to be learning how to tactically train and employ soldiers. I don't really think that the disproportionately high amount of time you spend "on administrivia" would serve you very well in your career.The tipoff- if you have to be skinny and 6' tall, you gotta ask yourself where else that would be a primary consideration for your suitability for performance of your duties? (and I never met a guy who had an assignment as an officer in the Old Guard who wasn't at least 6' tall, thin, and with a "chiselled" face).
    My advice (again- it's just my personal opinion with nothing that suggests that it's gospel or the school solution) when you go to the Tomb: appreciate the precision of the sentinel's duty performance and take some pride in knowing that they are US Army soldiers, honor the people and concept embodied in the Tomb of the Unknowns, honor the thousands buried in Arlington and leave it there.
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    Well said. My friend's brother was assigned there as a captain. In fact he was the detail leader for Ted Kennedy's funeral. It was his final assignment. He was glad to be done.

    I can't think of a worse first assignment for a LT. Spend your LT years there and you'll be the least relevant infantry captain on the block.
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    When I was in 1LT in active duty, the Old Guard recurited Infantry Ranger Qualified 1LT at least 5' 10."

    My guess is the standard adjusts with the time.

    I am pretty sure that small elements for the Old Guard have been deploying regularly to be just more than a cermonial unit.

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