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Discussion in 'Academy/Military News' started by buff81, Apr 26, 2010.

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    Thanks for posting this! These folks are terrific. There is a group in Maine as well and they go to the Bangor Airport to greet troops. These are mostly retired folks - many veterans themselves but not all.
    Most amazing is they go anytime of the day or night. If they get the call a flight is coming in at 2 am - they are there.
    While there are not many military bases in the Northeast anymore - there are many National Guard and Reserve units who have selflessly deployed many times over these last 8 years. Many troops live far from the airports and their families can't always be there to greet them.
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    Ummm...I will respectfully defer to any Devil Dawgs on here, but I think the "Marine regalia" mentioned by the article writer here is akin to "SA Misconceptions," :rolleyes: and the writer got the wrong idea it was a uniform. These fine Marines are part of a special greeters' group, and I believe what they are wearing is a made-up thing, with that great red jacket a mark of Service pride and distinction for their organization. As JAM noted, they might not even be military, but they are proud to wear a "uniform" for their organization. As a former/retired military member, you can wear some of your decorations on civilian clothes for military-related events. Throw on a red jacket with an organizational patch, spice it up with a cummerbund for evening, and you are ready to party.

    That said, this group, the USO and many other volunteer groups who greet returning deployers at airports and do many other wonderful things for the military and their families, are just magic.

    I personally love The President's Own, the Marine Band group, when they appear in their red uniforms, which are unique to them, I think. Check this out:
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    I think only certain units of the "Old Guard"(ARMY) and "President's Own" (MARINE) wear official red uniform blouses. As an asside, saw the greeters at BWI welcoming the WWII vets for the trip to the memorial. It was great to see all the people stand and applaud in the terminal as they came off the planes.
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