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Feb 21, 2008
Does anyone know the average SAT scores and GPA of students who are invited to the prep-school? What kind of student goes to the prep school?
have you gotten an appointment yet badgert? or are you a junior?
Actually, I'm applying for class of 2013. I'm a freshman at Augusta State University. A few days ago, my PCQ cleared so now I'm working on those next steps.

(this precalculus I'm taking is kicking my butt, I'm looking at maybe getting a C :unhappy: , I never got exposed to trig before. So I'm not happy with myself right now. But I'm not giving up, I believe that no matter what happens, going through the process of applying will make me a better student and increase my chances of becoming an Air Force Officer, even if I have to do ROTC. )

I got prep school but declined it. I had a 640 on math a non-weighted GPA of 3.5 (Weighted 4.3) I had a low verbal score and didn't get a chance to take SAT again, but I got an appointment to KP so it didn't really matter much to me. Your EC's still have to look good from what I hear, and apparently mine were good enough for prep.
My son was accepted to Prep School with 700 Verbal SAT and 570 Math SAT, GPA from high school around 3.9, but his math SAT scores did not reflect his math grades. Though he did well on CFA, his high school athletic participation was also somewhat less than those with direct appointments.
If I got invited to the prep school, I would be every bit as ecstatic as I would be if I were appointed to the Academy straight in. It's a huge step in the right direction, and the "loss" of a year doesn't disturb me at all. I'm starting to think that I'm more likely to get invited to the prep school, but I know the application process is the same and I still need to make myself the best candidate possible.

Blue one, that darn SAT!

What do you think made the difference that got your son invited to the prep school instead of being dropped from consideration? Was it his attitude?

A lesson that my D learned--almost too late--talk to your professors!

Don't "settle" for a grade! Good for you that you're not giving up on Calc but do NOT underestimate the ability of your prof. for assistance. That professor has hundreds of students each day and most will go the extra mile for a student when asked. Find out that profs. office hours and set up a meeting. Tell that prof. the goal you have set for that class and ask them what you can do to make it a reality. My daughter had a prof. that she was intimadated by but she has learned that communication is the key. Most professors will make the time when they see a student that really wants to learn. My daughter actually FAILED a college chem test but managed an "A" in the course in the end because she asked for help!

Chin up, Badgerta, where there's a will there's a way!!!!! Enlist the help of your professor and it will make a difference! It's never too late!!

I definitely think attitude and persistence made a huge difference. Whenever his ALO or anyone else from AFA asked him if he'd consider the Prep School, he ALWAYS said yes without hesitation, and he even mentioned it when they didn't. He demonstrated his persistence by repeatedly trying to improve his SAT/ACT scores and adding EC's and community service throughout the application process, even after he knew got nominations to other SA's but not USAFA. In fact, he has turned down an appointment to another SA to attend USAFA Prep School. He doesn't mind the extra year either, because he thinks it will make him a better officer in the long run.

Very best wishes to you!
badgerta, I got into NAPS with a 22 ACT composite and a 3.0 GPA in high school. I went to college and got a 3.1 GPA. I wrote letters and made a lot of phone calls to admissions and my MOC. I think they had something to do with my appointment to NAPS.
Lets see I scored 520 Verbal 620 Math.... I got 3.4 GPA in high school.... a 2.0 GPA in Junior College... I got accepted to the prep school... I'm in the military though.
Lets see I scored 520 Verbal 620 Math.... I got 3.4 GPA in high school.... a 2.0 GPA in Junior College... I got accepted to the prep school... I'm in the military though.

Blueone is correct on attitude and persistence. Yes I had good high school record... As...Bs... JROTC... I had leadership positions from 10th to 12th grade... sports from 10th to 12th grade with varsity letters.... community service hours.... I wanted AF Academy really bad since I was in 9th grade its why I did all those.

Come Senior year I didn't receive an appointment to the AF Academy but I did get AFROTC scholarship. I accepted it then few months later I got into trouble... Got booked in Jail for a embezzlement, a felony, spent few hours in jail and such... I had to go to court hearings... I ended up declining my AFROTC scholarship as I thought I didn't deserve it... Turned out I was wrong to think in such a way... To cut the story short I bounced back from where I was... I went to a local community college and took a full time jpb to support my schooling. With the hardship I was going through with the results of my past actions I could only get 2.0 GPA in junior college. I dropped classes and thought this was not for me so I joined the Air Force active duty in a time of war... and I rebuilt what I have started from there.

I thought negatively at one point and it only brought me further down... so I kept trying and trying even after being discouraged....

Look at me now... accepting an appointment for the AF Academy Prep School...
A1C Nico,

Congratulations on your Prep School appointment and for turning things around for yourself. You should be very proud and I hope you continue to keep thinking positively so you have a successful year next year and can carry that over to the Academy.

Forgive me if I'm being nosey but I assume you don't mind talking about it since you posted it here, were you convicted of the embezzlement felony?...or were you found innocent? I was just wondering about how you enlisted with that on your record. Also, how was your application process to the Prep School? Did you have to do extra things to prove that you are now a changed person?

Thanks Nico and I sincerely wish you the best.

It is sometimes hard to talk about it... even with my interview with my ALO... and with my recruiter... not knowing what their response would be. To answer your question, all charges were dismissed. However, having pleaded no contest... it's taken almost as if I pleaded guilty.

I had to get a waiver to join the military. Having already a disadvantage I didn't care taking the job they wanted to offer me, "Open General". If I remember correctly I had to get approved from my recruiter's supervisor. I had a phone interview with him.

As far as during the AFA application, I had to indicate my law infraction in the Personal Data Record. It does not ask for anything else; however, I did include a copy of my Court Record indicating all orders I had to abide to and indicating it was dismissed. I also asked my counselor to attach a letter for me with my package. Here it is:

To whom it may concern:

I’m writing to add my voice to the law infraction I have disclosed in the USAFA Form 146 I have filled out. It has been almost three years now since I was arrested in XXXXXX, XX. I have matured so much since then, and yet the scar remains with me. I will not explicate again the terrible results of my actions. What I wanted to tell you is how my previous mistake affected and changed me as a person. There are few points I would like to share to you for consideration.

There is no excuse for what I did. Yes I was young, and young people tend to make unwise decisions but this doesn’t preclude me from knowing what is right and what is wrong. What I did goes beyond my morals. I should have had enough brain and heart to prevent my wrongdoing and yet I didn’t try to stop it until it was too late. I made a bad judgment, that is all there is to it.

We make mistakes to learn from. Though there was part of me that felt disappointment and regret, there was also a part of me that felt gladness. Had I not made this mistake and have gone to University of Portland with my AFJROTC scholarship, I may have made the same mistake as a cadet or as commissioned officer of the Air Force. Every one of us has made bad decisions in the past. We will continue to make bad decisions for as long as we live. Our failures are what make us human; however, not losing the lesson strengthens our resolve and fortitude.

I have taken every opportunity to improve myself and not let the past hold me back. I took my fault by heart so something like this will not happen again. It also gave me the drive I need to persevere despite the hardship I brought to myself. As I awaited my final court date I took a job at a local pizza parlor as an assistant manager. I then enrolled at our local junior college. I was a fulltime student while working fulltime to support my studies. After the court’s final disposition of my case I decided to pursue what I always wanted to do. That following summer I took the Oath of Enlistment to serve my country as an Airman. I am a stronger person now, perhaps more keen from where I stood before my error.

I do not see myself doing anything else but to serve my country in the United States Air Force. Though your decision will sadden me if denied of an appointment or admittance to the preparatory school, it will not change me as a person. To be honest I initially intended to serve as an enlisted airman. At no time did I know about the LEAD program until my supervisor brought it to my attention late January. I always like helping out and making changes around me. I was fully aware of what I was getting myself into after taking the Oath of Enlistment. We are a Nation at war. Now, I would like to make that impact at the officer level. I hope now you see the fire that drives me day to day as an Airman of the United States Air Force.

I also did not have to mention anything to my ALO during my interview because I have already mention it in the Form 146. When I was asked "What was your biggest drawback in Life and how did you handle it?" At first I did not mention anything about my law infraction but I mentioned something else. However, I could see it in his eye that I was holding something back. It took me until the end of the interview to spill it out as my guts couldn't handle it anymore.

My ALO pretty much saw past my previous mistake. He saw it as a learning experience, which it is. He was the one that suggested me to include a statement or letter with my package explaining my mistake and how I bounced back from it and came back stronger.

By the way, I don't mean to sound "cheesy" and all, but the letter I attached above came directly from my heart. I just kept typing word for word spilling my heart and guts out telling what I really felt. I barely made any corrections. If any I just added few words to better explain myself.

Why am I telling everyone about this? Because I want to show everyone or anyone, who is applying for anything (scholarships, service academies, etc.) that thinks they are incapable of doing so for any reason,... that anything is possible as long as you never stop trying. Never take no for an answer. Only you, "yourself", can tell you your limit. For me right now that limit is endless.

I have met or heard of people not taking an offer from the AFA Prep School because they would not take anything less than a direct appointment to the AFA. Not because they have other options, but because they just plain wouldn't take it. For the people who declined it because you have other options, I applaud you for putting your eggs into different baskets. For the people who wouldn't just take it, I say take every opportunity positively and think of it as another chance to learn more than everyone else.

My previous mistake really taught me a lot. I have matured so much and I am more appreciative than ever before. For the people who made or will make the same mistake... remember it will only make you a stronger if you take your mistake by heart and swear to never let it happen again.

Ok, lol. I can go on for a long time but I got out of duty about 2 hours ago and I still have work tomorrow. Thanks for the best wishes flymom!:thumb:
A1C Nico,

Thank you for sharing. The fact that you put your story out for all to see tells me that you have moved past it. Good for you. Your family must be so proud of you. I know that sharing your story will help others that are in a similar situation. I pray that you continue down the path that you've made for yourself. Keep dreaming BIG for yourself, Nico. Now you are part of a bigger "family" and you are accountable to many....not to mention your country! :) So keep working hard and when things get tough--because they will-- pull that letter out and remind yourself of the commitment you made!
Make us all proud Nico!:thumb::thumb::thumb:
My mom is very proud... still she has no idea that I was accepted to the Prep School. I'm waiting until I come home this weekend to spill the story. I just wanted to see her face (she cried the last time when I said I had an AFROTC scholarship) hehehe:shake:. Plus the whole family (grandparents, uncles, aunties, cousins, family friends, etc.) will be there this weekend because its my grandma's b-day... perfect timing.:biggrin:
Congrats Nico. Hope your Mom doesn't beat your butt for telling all your cyber friends first. :biggrin: I'd have kleneex at the ready when you make your announcement! Bet she'll turn into another watering pot again. Good job & enjoy your family over the week-end.
Congrats on the appointment airman Nico. That is quite a story and I must say that I am both proud to have served with you and will can't wait to meet you in person in July.

As to my scores to get into the prep school:
HS GPA 2.9
College GPA ~3.0
ACT 30
English 25
Math 27
Reading 33
Sci & Reason 35
Never took the SAT.

I am sure what got me in were my leadership roles on the Active Duty side. The highest leadership role I held was as a red rope airman in technical training - I was in charge of over 700 airman.
Prep school info

My son received a scholarship to the prep school a few weeks back, he was a bit disappointed in not going straight in but his Sat verbal was to low. When can he expect to receive any information about reporting, etc. Apparently the prep school web site is down and has been for some time, should he just call his counselor at the academy? I know we have some time, but his mom wants to start getting things together for him for the last time.(you know, empty nest syndrome!) I'd like to get air reservations for Parents Day, but want to know when to get them for.
thanks for the help

It looks like I will fail my precalc and maybe my english. The reason for this is my lack of discipline. I will not fail these again and will likely make As. With the goal of admission to the academy: in your opinions, would it be best for me to retake the courses and keep plugging at college, take a semester or two before enlisting (trying to go prior-enlisted), or some other option?
Actually I would not suggest enlisting unless you have run out of other options if your goal is to get a commission. If going to the academy is your goal, make sure you know why it is your goal, just getting there is not going to get you through it.

That being said, as a civilian you have a lot of options available to you. You could go to a private prep school, you could go to a regular civilian institution, or go AFROTC. I don't know what your goals are so you would have to decide for yourself but let me tell you that as an enlisted member, the best officers I have met have come from ROTC.

I am not trying to dissuade you from enlisting, but I can say that enlisting in the Air Force during a drawdown phase (layoffs in civilian world) for the purpose of getting to the academy may not go as you plan. Depending on your career field you may or may not have close contact with your commander and ultimately the prior enlisted advantage stems from him/her. Our "congressional" appointment comes from our commander instead of a member of congress. I guess what I am trying to say is that right now to just stay in the Air Force requires you to walk on water and the LEAD program is designed for commanders to choose their best and brightest to send to the academy.