Thin envelope- waitlisted


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Jun 21, 2007
The agony continues.. ? Oh God. I guess this is a good thing. The letter came today. Everyone's heart stopped. My DD read it to me over the phone- she is waitlisted. As she says- it is not a rejection. At least not yet. :rolleyes:

Anyone else receive one of these yet?

Hang in there! A thin waitlist envelope is better than the thin envelope my son received last week!

Maybe a re-application to USNA will begin soon. Gotta get past the initial heartbreak for now and focus on Plan B! What friends don't understand is that it is not just a rejection from a college; it is a rejection from a way of life!

I certainly envy those parents who celebrate on this forum! Congratulations and good luck to all!

But for now: NROTC--here comes my son! He will make a GREAT Naval officer!
I have an offer of appointment to both Navy and Air Force and will most likely go to Air Force after I visit the campus. Maybe they'll give you my Naval Academy Appointment offer =]
rejection letter

Ditto on the congratulations to those receiving appointments. Just received a rejection letter today. It's far worse than not getting into one's "college" of choice as it is a different culture as well.

NROTC is where he's going; but already questions regarding the reapplication process have arisen.

The letter suggests that a fair number of prior applicants make it, but the stats I've seen on the USNA website aren't encouraging. Does anyone have experience or info on that issue?

Again, congratulations to those who made it!
Son waitlisted too.

We can't help but think that this is encouraging! They want current transcripts and updated information. We were just so happy that it wasn't a flat out denial. NROTC backup is not an option for my son. He was not a recipient of the scholarship, and was crushed. He got in to all schools he applied to, and was really counting on NROTC, and thinking USNA was a pipe dream. Maybe it is the other way around. He is planning to apply to college program NROTC at his first choice school, and we have sent in the deposit. But USNA is first choice first!

Has USNA always waitlisted, or is this unusual? Any idea of the chances of making it off the waitlist?
For those that have been waitlisted...

First, CONGRATULATIONS! At least your thin envelope still leaves you hope for an appointment.

Two quick questions: Did your admission status on DoDMERB change? Were any of you waiting for a medical waiver and if so, did you get one yet?
Status on Dodmerb did not change and yes- D needs a medical waiver which she has not received as of yet . No clues ahead of time on this one.
This is not in

Received the thin rejection letter Monday, NROTC Approval Tuesday and mailed my acceptance of appointment to USMMA (received last week) on Wednesday.

Navy's loss for now. 3 others in my school received the thin letter.

I-Day for USMMA is July 10

Here I come.
Go chiefnerdnc! Congratulations on accepting your appointment to the USMMA. :yay:

Thin letters....:eek:....the thin rejection letters just mean decisions can now be made on plan B's. There is always next year...chin are all amazing and awesomely accomplished candidates. You make us all proud.

And for you waitlisted ones...we are all waiting with you! You are amazing, too.
To those who want to know their chances re the waitlist -- I don't think anyone here can give you an answer. To the best of my knowledge, USNA does not use its waitlist the way that many civilian schools do -- to keep kids of alums who are going to be "dinged" feeling better (until they get dinged), to give (false) hope to thousands of students, etc.

For USNA, it's a way to ensure the class is full while still letting everyone know something by April 15. I've heard of people on the list receiving appointments but I've also had one of my candidates (the only one I've had waitlisted) get a turndown.

I would encourage you to send in whatever is requested ASAP. And go forward with your Plan B.

Also, your BGO will have no more info on your odds, etc. than you do. Wish we did. :frown:
Lucked out.

Son asked for CVW April 17th and he went. On 4/25 he got a call from Congressman's office that he was going to be offered an appointment, letter to be sent today. Hopefully there are more positive results for others on the wait-list. I'm crossing my fingers and toes for all.:smile:
Reading some of these messages is heartbreaking especially when I consider myself one of the lucky ones to be here. I thought that if anything, I was destined for NAPS if I had any shot at getting in here. One message to anyone out there: No matter who you are, you can never bank on getting into USNA and there are no shoo-ins. If you do get in here, it's just an opportunity. I wish some of the midshipmen I see walking around would embrace how lucky they are because there are some motivated (Now NROTC midshipmen elsewhere, or civilians at a normal college, or sailors) rejected candidates who would do much better than some midshipmen here could have ever dreamed of. Remember, USNA is only one source of being commissioned as a Naval Officer. I considered forgoing USNA, ROTC, or any other college because I wanted to see what it was like to be a sailor in the United States Navy. It doesn't make a difference whether or not you're an officer. If you have a calling to serve, there is a different capacity for everyone. Anyone who has that calling and who is willing to sacrifice their ways of life for the betterment and fulfillment of the Constitutional Paradigm should be commended.
Any wait listers still out there? Can no longer access CIS system- is this the same for the rest who are waiting?
The password to the CIS system changed last week, if you need the new password just message me.