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Jul 9, 2006
I already posted this on the other Forum, but I think it belongs here also.

This is the hardest post I've ever had to make, but thought I'd better let all the friends we've made on these forums know about my daughters disappointment. Also, this could possibly help those who have to reapply.

Daughter received her letter on Saturday, dated Monday the 5th. It says:


The Admissions Board has completed a comprehensive review of your application file. Regrettably, we are not able to offer you an appointment to the United States Naval Academy Class of 2011 or a position at the Naval Academy Preparatory School. The competition for admission into the Naval Academy is always intense, and every year we are, unfortunately, required to turn away many fine young men and women.

A number of factors, including your scholastic background, standardized test scores, extra-curricular activities and recommendations, were considered to determine your standing in the appointment process. Unfortunately, the Admissions Board did not find your record competitive enough to continue to compete for an appointment. Please be assured that this decision is based on our Admission Board's careful review of your complete candidate file, including all correspondence and documents received. If you had a medical waiver pending with the Naval Academy, the process has been stopped with no further review of your medical status.

If you are still interested in a career in the Naval Service, I urge you to contact the nearest Navy or Marine Corps recruiter for more information on NROTC scholarship opportunities or other officer and enlisted accession programs. This information is also available at the following web sites or

We are honored by your interest in the Naval Academy and your desire to serve our country. We wish you success in your future endeavors.


Director of Admissions.

When the letter was opened there were a few tears, then a little anger. We let her be and go commiserate with a good friend on Saturday. Sunday morning I got her up early and we went for a run to discuss where to go next.

I asked her if it wouldn't be easier to give up on the Academy and just go to College. She said, "I can't go through life doing the easy thing, I've got to reapply for next year!"

I was hoping that would be her attitude, but I wanted her to say it out loud.

We still haven't heard about an NROTC scholarship but aren't very hopeful this late in the process. She'll definitely go to our local college next year, but they don't have Naval ROTC.

To those of you out there that have had to reapply in the past, did you do it right away? Can you fill out the application as a High School Senior, even if college plans are still not firmed up?

Her short range plan is to contact her BGO and our MOC's to let them know she's reapplying. Any other advice?
Sorry to hear about your daughter. Anger is normal. However, I admire her tenacity. Several years ago, I was told by the CGO that getting a good solid 1200 SAT score with emphasis on the math end, attending a good university, and taking English Composition, Chemistry w/Lab, and Calculus with "B"s or above would put one in very good stead for readmission. AP scores of five would allow a higher level calculus registration and/or calculus based Phyiscs in lieu of Chemistry, math prerequisites permitting.

As far as the importance of ROTC, of course it will help her future endeavors should she fail to gain admission for USNA, but for helping her chances to gain USNA admissions, she need to ask only the CGO Regional Director for an answer. In fact a good conversation with the RD will give her the latest guidance on the entire procedure.

Good luck.
I say keep the letter in a scrapbook to put next year's appointment right next to it. Since I've already blabbed enough on the other forum, I'll leave it short here except to say that you've a truly exceptional daughter. Probably due much to her exceptional Dad. :thumb:
Really sorry to hear about your daughter. If she hasn't applied to a civilian college yet, it is not too late.
She is a good student and regardless what the admissions deadline is - many schools still have openings late in the spring.
If she were my daughter - I would encourage her to contact the admissions dept of some schools with NROTC. By joining NROTC she can still be on the road to the ultimate goal of becoming a Naval Officer. She should tell them of her situation. I think she will find a school.
I was hoping DMeix would chime in here, he was NROTC last year. U Washington I think.
Parent to parent - it is very difficult to sit and watch as our children suffer dissappointment. This is a time in their life where we turn into spectators. It is a powerless feeling for sure. They take all they have learned from us and go with it. If you are half the Dad I think you are then she will be fine. Give her guidance, love and support. Kids are reslient- she will bounce back.
A brief story. A kid graduated a year ahead of my son in high school. He had his heart set on USNA; was triple Q but did not get the appointment. He really didn't have a plan "B" so he ended up at Hometown Community College. He reapplied twice, went to a major local university, joined the Marine Corps Reserves. He was just about to ship out for Iraq when an appointment came through and he is now part of USNA Class of 2010.

The moral is, don't give up hope. An appointment could be there down the road for your daughter. Good luck to her.
Dont let this "bump in the road" deter her from pursuing a career as a commissoned officer in the navy, i would still suggest applying to one of the SMC's or Maritime academies. Im sure there is an opening somewhere, still not too late to apply. And if she pursues it she will get an appointment next year ;-) sorry for your daughter. But a big congrats to her for wanting to try again. :thumb:

Does USNA send out letters to everyone who applied? My son has not heard a thing other than his file was complete and that hs nomination was received late December and that was the last we heard.

Subsequently he received an appointment to USMMA, which he accepted (yea!! both me (mom) and dad thought this was the better school for him), but would still like some closure on USNA.
If you have accepted USMMA the appointment (i.e. committed), are you obligated to notify USNA Admissions so they can give any potential appointment to another cadet / not waste time reviewing his file (and possibly forcing another cadet to have to wait till April or so to get "his" spot? Just a thought....congrats on the USMMA appointment!:wink: