Third Board ROTC


Feb 4, 2017
Anybody have the stats on how many scholarships were offered in the second board, and how many more are expected to get scholarships in the third board?

If you were offered a scholarship in the second board, can you give me your stats (GPA, SAT scores, etc?)
Awarded 3 year Army Scholarship

26 ACT
1210 SAT
3.24 UW
3.72 W
2 year JV Football
2 year JV Lacrosse
2 year V Football
2 year V Lacrosse
Rec Basketball
Eagle Scout
Several Leadership Position in Boy scouts
President and founder of YR club
Alot of Letter of Recommendations from retired Military (don't think this really helped but I thought it wouldn't hurt)
80 Push ups 40 Sit ups 8:23 Mile (not proud of that)
That depends on how many scholarships were accepted from the board. Historically, 800-1000 scholarships are offered by the 3rd board.