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    Several people, including some BGOs have said that certain slates/regions haven't been reviewed yet. Which explains why so many of us haven't heard anything from the academy and are starting to move on to our 2nd choice schools. But I have been thinking about this and it doesn't seem right.

    If they haven't even looked at some of the slates/regions yet, that means that some of us are not even in the "national Pool" yet? Doesn't that mean that if you are lucky enough to be in the first slate that they reviewed you were competing for almost all of the appointments (minus the LOAs and Principal Noms)? But if you are unlucky enough to live in the last slates to be reviewed you are not even in the national pool yet and would be competing for just the few appointments that might be left? So, as they review the slates we get progressively less likely to be offered an appointment based at least in some part on where we live?:confused:

    I thought that the Academy first reviewed all of the applications and pulled all of the LOAs and then the Principal Noms - and then reviewed everybody and basically put all of us in order by our WCS (I think that is what it is called, Whole Candidate Score?) and took the top however (1200+ many people, (taking into account diversity and the needs of the Academy) and offered them appointments. If a person did not accept an appointment they went to the next person in the line. Every body else down the list got a TWE.

    But if it is true that they haven't even reviewed some of the regions...what if I have a pretty good WCS and would have ranked pretty well in the long line of the WCS ranked national pool, but since I live in a region that is last to be reviewed it hurts me. Imagine that I am in the last region to be reviewed (and I might actually be!) and there are two appointment spots left, but there are two candidates in my region who ranked higher than me (On the WCS), they would get in and I wouldn't because they would/should get the last two available spots (because of a higher WCS)? But I probably would have been offered an appointment if I lived in a region that was reviewed earlier???
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    The admission process is a great mystery. LOA's (with issues) and Principle sometimes don't get in and those from the pool and from NAPS do. Check with your Admissions Officer. They can give you a better update than even the BGO knows. Ask for an Off The Record Update. They may not but then again they may.
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    Several good points AF, the admissions process is a closely guarded mystery added to by the fact that the current objectives are not released to those of us outside the inner circle. Also, there is a lot of information to which the average BGO is not privy for many good reasons.

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