This is important question about Army ROTC


Jan 2, 2009
Hi, I am a new member here and i have few questions about Army ROTC.
I applied to army ROTC about three weeks ago. However, I can not seem to find a way to check my application status. I tried phone and website but either of them worked. Is this mean they didnt get my applications? I did receive a mail indicating what materials I am suppose to send but thats about it. Deadline is coming to an end and I am afraid that they didnt receive my applications.

Can you also tell my chances of getting ROTC Scholarship?
GPA 3.0
SAT: Reading-630, Math-620, Total-1250
Sports & Clubs: Football, Crew, International Club, Innovative Entrepreneurs club (President), Civil Air Patrol

I just logged in an this comes up: "We apologize, we are experiencing some technical problems. Please call 1-800-750-7682, press option 5, then press option 2 and you will be connected to a processor who can assist you."

Try calling that number.

I have received the scholarship, I had a 3.55 GPA and 27 on the ACT, captain of XC team, 8 varsity letters, C/SSgt in CAP
The only you definetely won't get a scholarship is if you don't apply. Good luck
Your a sure shot.

I am a current contracted MS1.

HS GPA:3.9
SAT: Math 630, Reading 680, Writing 670
Eagle Scout
NHS Officer
2 year varsity football letterman
Tutor 9,10,11,12
Try this lady for help LINDA.MATTHEWS@USACC.ARMY.MIL

My son can't get updates via the website either. He emailed her and got help.

Give your full name, date of birth, and last four digits of your Social Security number in your email.

Best wishes.