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    Well, I just had my interview today and would like to share my story with some you fellas out there.

    Well, I took off with some friends (to comfort me during the trip) in the morning, giving myself 3 hours for the trip. Took a bus and a few trains. Unfortunately, two of the trains had issues, which delayed me. Ultimately, I arrived at the interview spot (which was in a college) about 50 minutes late. I walked in, and he seemed totally fine with the fact that I was late nearly an hour. Maybe he wrote it down against me, but didn't express it. BTW, I had a dress shirt with a casual jacket on top, with black jeans, on Keds casual shoes. (The dress shirt as well as shoes were blue, representing blue -the air force :yllol: ) Anyways, my first impression on him was, he's ridiculously tall, he's white, he's around his 26'ish, he has no hair, he doesn't smile/laugh, and he's intimidating. But before I sat down to talk with him, I had to sign some papers, he did a slide show describing how AFROTC runs in this detachment, and he checked my height and weight. After that, he asked some questions if I can remember:

    1. Why do you want to be an AF Officer?
    2. Tell me about a situation in which you helped a friend overcome a tough circumstance.
    3. What would your friends describe you as?
    4. Has any of your family members served in the military?
    5. What are you hobbies/sports?
    6. Describe yourself in ways that aren't listed on the resume.
    7. Is there anything in the ROTC program that you don't like?

    Those are all I can remember so far, and before he asked me, he told me this: " I'm just gonna run down some questions and they won't take long because I can figure out a person quickly ". Yeah , this statement scared the hell outta me.

    He didn't run down my resume or anything, although he asked for it.

    After that, I had a list of questions that I asked him.

    Then, we shook hands and I was on my way until I saw a Captain who was at my College Fair whom I talked with for hours.

    Overall, it was a good experience, though I wouldn't say the interview went 100% as I planned it should be.
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    I think your tardiness will be noted. He may have seemed okay with it, but my guess is he definitely was not impressed by that.
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    I think if you explained that it took an automobile, train and bus to get there he won't hold it against you at all. The only thing he might hold against you is if you didn't call and inform them while you were being delayed on how delayed you were going to be.

    Now, on the flip side, even if you didn't, adults get it that buses and trains run late, and you have no control over them.

    Best hopes for you that your dream comes true.

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