This just in - Uniforms are fashionable


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Mar 31, 2007
I should really be doing something better with my free time, but this was too good to pass up.

Our Full Dress Blues (FDBs) are apparently very fashionable. Now I know what to do with them after I graduate! Get yours in time for Christmas!

LOL - these will go perfectly with that Army - Navy video about the Coed Navy - haha.

I am gonna find that video now!
I just threw up in the back of my throat a little....
Smart military style is reinterpreted in deep indigo denim, tailored for a structured, double-breasted silhouette with eagle-cast gold buttons.

I'm gonna be sick.... :barf:

Still, it's far better than Richard Simmons wearing that USMA tank top in Sweatin' To The Oldies! :biggrin:
I don't know, I think they are kinda cute. Back in the early '60s there was a Broadway musical hit about USNA. We were in fashion then also. I have a Vargas drawing somewhere of one of his typically well endowed girls in FDBs. Nostalgia question of the day for all the guys: Who/what was a Vargas girl?
The world-famous pinup girls. :biggrin:

Talk about a lost artform! :frown:
From the 1964 Ice Capades "Salute to Annapolis." Pinup by GeorgePetty.

LOL I wanna know what she did to receive rank. :shake:

I guess ya'll won't be happy that my g-baby wears a little bitty reefer coat..... BUT SHE'S WAY CUTER THAN THAT GIRL with fake..... uh rank! :yllol:
From the 1964 Ice Capades "Salute to Annapolis." Pinup by GeorgePetty.

Okay, so the memory is getting a little fuzzy. So what if it was the Ice Capades instead of a Broadway hit. So what if I, at my age, I forgot just how abbreviated the FDBs really were. So what if it was Petty instead of Vargas. I DO have that picture around here somewhere if I can just find it. And it is autographed by somebody.

This did make the sailor suits popular among the women at the time. I don't remember any of the skirts being that short though.

However, I will deny forever that this was THE recruiting poster that cemented my decision to go to USNA.
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