Thoughts on my shot at USCGA

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    I know it is essentially futile to analyze, but I was wondering if anyone could give me their opinion on my chances at this fine institution

    SAT: 2210
    CR: 690 (I know, low...)
    M: 780
    W: 740

    GPA: 4.0 (All A's, school does not weight gpas)
    Class rank: 1/336
    Taken six AP's, will have 10 when I graduate:
    -Sophomore: AP European History and AP Calculus AB
    -Junior: AP Physics C, AP Calculus BC, AP Composition, AP US History
    -Senior (anticipated): AP Probability and Statistics, AP Chemistry, AP Human Geography, AP Literature
    AP Tests: 5's on Calc AB and BC, 4's on US History and Physics C (Still disappointed in myself...)
    -National Honor Society

    -Soccer: JV Freshman and Sophomore, Varsity Letter Junior and will letter Senior. Junior Year All-Conference Defender Honorable Mention and Team Defensive Player of the Year. Vying for team captain this coming season, as I played the most minutes out of my team last year and anchor the defensive line. Also have played indoor soccer in a men's premier league.
    -Band: Play trumpet. Section leader in Jazz 1, Wind Ensemble, and marching band this year. Will possibly run for band council this year, time permitting. Member of wind ensemble placing 3rd in state, 2nd in state, and 1st in state my 9th, 10th, and 11th grade years respectively. Auditioned and selected for Western International Band Clinic 2012 and 2013, trumpet section leader in top band 2013. Selected for All-State Band junior year. 3 year band letterman, anticipating 4th year. Performed in trumpet ensembles and performed solos at district competitions all 3 years. Play voluntarily in pit orchestra each year. Traveled Europe as an Oregon Ambassador of Music Summer of 2013.
    -Sea Cadets: Just recently joined, so will not be able to make petty officer by the time I submit applications :( At Recruit Training 2014, I was Recruit Petty Officer in Command (in charge of my company at the recruit level) and was selected Honor Cadet of my company and for the entire Recruit Training.
    -Community Service: Assistant coached a local girls soccer team, Beach/river cleanups, tutored in geometry, bird counts for my city, CoCoRaHS weather recorder
    -Qualified for the Oregon Invitational Math Tournament at Calculus level Soph. and Jr. years. Attended sophomore year
    -PADI Open Water Certified
    -YMCA Youth and Government: Sophomore and Junior Years
    -Oregon Boys State 2014: Supreme Court Justice

    -Worked picking blueberries summer of 2012 and worked construction cleanup summer of 2013

    -Attended USNA NASS and USCGA AIM. AIM PFE was 248 (If I remember correctly, 8:47 1.5 mile, 39 pushups, 76 situps)

    I feel a little weak in community service and demonstrated leadership positions

    Thank you all so much!
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    8:47 minute 1.5 mile run? :thumb: I just cried a little inside.

    That's a pretty impressive course load too. Don't get too upset about the 4s on AP exams, but get the money back!

    You've listed where you think you need to improve, so go with your gut feel and keep up the good work.
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    Beware of Kryptonite.

    Stats like that would make you very desireable at any academy.

    Provided, of course, your socio-economic demographic is needed in the class profile.
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    Are you posting your stats in ALL the service academies' threads?

    Are you expecting a different answer for each academy?

    In which one or two would you see yourself serving in ten years?
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    I posted in the three I am definitely applying to and in the one I am considering. I was not aware how many users responded to multiple service academy posts. I'm sorry for clogging up the site with 4 stat posts. My end objective is to serve my country, so while the branch is still important, I don't want to put all of my eggs in one basket and risk missing out entirely on my dream of serving as an officer.
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    I applaud your desire to serve your Country, and I sincerely hope you are successful. My suggestion would be to look at the Mission of each of the different branches of service, and decide where you are led to serve - (what best fits your character and personality) then apply to that Academy or Academies. My Daughter did, and decided to only apply to one Academy (if she did not received an appointment, her back up plan was to re-apply the following year). If you happen to apply to the US Coast Guard Academy, and are offered and accept an Appointment, she could be one of your Cadre. Wish you the best of luck!!
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