Three Weeks Top Go - How Many Appointments Left?

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by ProudNHopeful, Mar 20, 2014.

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    OK - DS received an appointment from USAFA, this is his second choice and he is more than happy to attend. But his first choice is USNA. He was nominated to both as well as USMA. My question is, how many appointments are left at this late point in the game? We are just wondering if we should just start preparing for Colorado Springs or continue to wait for Annapolis? Also, if he accepts the USAFA offer, can he change his mind if USNA comes calling?

    We are in Ohio 04 district and have seen no USNA appointments here yet.
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    DS had appointments from USAFA and USNA last year. He got USNA first and it was easy for him to reject the USAFA offer as he had already accepted USNA although he liked USAFA as well. I think it would have been tougher if he got the USAFA offer first. The ALO called and asked about the offer once he received it, and asked that DS reject it if he knew he would not attend (and that's what DS did).

    Your scenario is a little different. I am guessing there is a deadline to reply as there was last year. I think in your case, I would suggest your DS wait as long as he can if he wants an appointment from USNA.

    I think if he knows he will not attend USAFA, there really is no point in waiting on rejecting the offer. If you are not sure than wait. Or maybe he is warming up to the idea of USAFA.

    The best to you and I can say, along with the other USNA '17 parents, last year was a long long long time ago. I remember last year pretty well, but so much has happened since then. I pray for the best for your DS.


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