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May 2, 2007
today, while i was driving, i had a moving violation. it wasnt a serious one: driving the wrong way down a one way (it was poorly marked and blah blah blah). anyway, i know this will be on my record, but since it was not a serious offense, can they withdraw their appointment? how about for ROTC?

gahh i feel stupid. :mad
I cannot speak to USMA in particular, but typically SAs/ROTC won't have a problem with a minor traffic violation, even a moving violation. The key is to make sure you tell them if asked and/OR if you have agreed to provide them updates on anything like this.
In general a traffic violation will not result in any action being taken. Just call your admissions rep or send him an email and let him know. That way you are covered. They understand being human... :rolleyes: