Tickets for R day


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Nov 3, 2007
Well, I finally bit the bullet and bought the tickets for the family to travel to R day...tired of watching the daily fare roller coaster! Delta has changed the FF program; I couldn't get "free" tickets, but could get $$ off each. So after debating whether to drive or fly, we are actually flying for less than the gas up and back would have cost! Let's hope the fare madness improves before we're shopping for PPW tickets!

Screw Delta, American Airlines, United, US Airways, Northwestern, and Continental.

Go Southwest or JetBlue.

Let those no-service jerks rot in bankruptcy.
LITS, ya gotta go w/ what flies out of your airport...and those two do not do business here, so it's pretty silly, IMHO, to drive 3 hours to fly one of those airlines out of B'ham! I would have happily gone Airtran, but the ticket was $150 more than delta! The more I save now, the more I have for boodle later! :biggrin:
Bought my tickets today too!

I have been searching for about a month and bought today! My son and I are going to fly into D.C. for 3 days of mom/son time. Have never done that. We're going to do all the touristy stuff, then rent a car on the 27th and drive up to West Point. We are planning a stop in Philly for a real Philly cheesesteak!!!! Can't wait!

We're hoping when we get up to West Point, we can meet up with everyone else anxiously awaiting June 30.
While you are in DC why not go see the real academy in Annapolis? :yllol:

Go Navy! Beat Army!