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Jun 9, 2006
I would like the moderator to explain what type of undies the cadets/mids must bring with them when they report to the academies. I understand yoo are an expert in this matter. :p
Give me a minute! This is a tough question! All those choices and the like. BBL with the proper response. The voices tell me its time for a cookie. BBL with the proper response. I can't concentrate until I shut them up.
Uncle Sam issues all you'll need. ;)
Back to the tighty whitie issue... Apparently Uncle Sam thinks that USMMA kids are the wicked step child of the academies and they don't supply them. Underarmor & boxers are the way to go. Trust me. Nasty rashes are not what you want bothering you during Indoc.

Boss, being a mod doesn't mean I advise on stuff, dear heart. It means I have been issued the proper safety gear, ie. safety glasses , hip boots, & rubber gloves for telling Zap when Confused has come on the scene and standing back while he disinfects the site.

That is all.
I just carry a rifle. :D

So USMMA doesn't issue undies? What the heck is up with that? :confused:

The issue of rashes is a sensitive one (pardon the bad pun). The only place I had issues was between the thigs where the rubbed together when I ran and before I lost a little weight. I never had issues with tighty whities.

I suspect boxers will be more comfortable and "airy", which isn't a bad thing in the oppressively hot and humid summer at USNA. USMA, USMMA, and USCGA aren't much better. In fact, now that they are doing all that Sea Trials or whatever stuff where the Plebes crawl through water, mud, etc., boxers may be REALLY recommendable.

Wish a current (male) Mid would show up to help us.....
Over the past year, I found that boxer-briefs were the best option for wearing under a uniform, especially when you have to wear shirt-stays. (Z, I know your opinion on those :)

I dont' know if the allow it at the academies, but I've found that wearing a pair of running shorts for underwear is excellent. They wick sweat away, and give you a good balance of support and ventiliation. Only problem is, they show through any polyester/CNT uniform (Summer Whites...not sure what White Works are made of). I wore them on our humps and any other boots and utes PT and never had a problem.
A few mids were talking about this at our picnic.

Midn 1: White boxers were allowed in my company...

Midn 2: No... Guys, listen. They're going to give you shorts that come up to here (and on girls, they're way down there)! You do not want your boxers to showing at the edge of your shorts, so be safe and go with white boxer briefs (or athletic underwear).
God, ANYTHING but tighty-whities.:thumbdown: I'll go comando all summer long before I put on the equivalent of panties for guys.

Then again i probably won't have a choice, will I?:biggrin:
panties for guys!?!? LOL OMG. I never thought of it that way. Thats hysterical.
The underwear issues live on...........
You are allowed to bring white boxers with you to R-Day at West Point. At some point during the day you will be transfering items from the duffel bag you brought into your very large bag issued to you that morning. The best way to accomplish this transfer is to tightly roll your boxers (and additional, comfortable white and black socks if you want) and place them in the combat boots and dress shoes you are bringing with you. If you have not prepurchased these items use food storage bags. You will have a squad leader "supervising" you who will want you to "hurry up!!!". If your boxers and socks are together you can transfer them with one arm movement. You will NOT have time to think and sort.
At USAFA you are issued tighty whitties however they are extremely uncomfortable...after about 5 days they let you go to the local cadet store (C-store) and buy some necessities for me those were boxer briefs. Boxer breifs are great not to loose so...well guys you know why that can be bad when running and what not...but not to tight thats its hikin up your ass the whole time.