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Jun 21, 2007
Hi everyone-

Well we are moving through the application process with more hopefullness because of this forum (thank you all). We knew my D would have some medical issues that would raise some flags and the first one has "popped" up. I have a couple of questions-

On the DOD site- when they list the codes they are DQing you for will they list all of them at once (if there is more than one) or can you expect more to show up over time. For instance, D wears glasses and takes medication for headaches but we only see one code showing up indicating the problem of her headaches. There is no mention of her eyesight. Does this mean it just isn't showing up yet... or they have no problem with it and are only questioning the headache issue? Probably a RETNAVY question who was very helpful to me before- thank you. See, she was not discouraged.

Also- how much time before we receive something from DODmerb (roughly) asking for more info. I'm assuming we will get something by mail. Are we talking days, weeks, a month? Mail at my house is insane so I try to watch carefully and even doing that the physical forms almost managed to find their way into limbo land. In a way I agree that I wish that this piece could be done before so much time went into all the rest of it. This is so out of my D's control. I read a post earlier by someone who said they would rather be declined for academics than medical and I couldn't disagree more! Academics you can control- this you usually can not. Ugh!

Thanks for any help.


I'm on the road right now and can't do a long answer, so if you don't mind posting a reminder for me on Monday I'll be able to give you a great answer!! Thanks!!
I know it's only Sunday- but I'm checking in. We did receive a "letter" but it's a bit confusing. It says to send in "any information we would like to be considered if we would like to request a waiver" in one place but then I know that we don't have to request a waiver because we are dealing with the USNA. On the website it says "waiver request pending" So- uhhhh - I just hate it when I am made to feel inept. Are they asking us to send in something, anything, whatever we want? Or are we waiting for more correspondence? RetNavy- I know you're out there as I saw your response so I feel very confused at the moment. Should I be getting on the phone Monday morning and trying to get in touch with a human at this point?

Thanks for any advice-
Your daughter is disqualified for headaches, at this point in time there is nothing extra that you or your daughter needs to do (unless she is applying to one of the academies that require a written waiver request). The statement from DoDMERB "any information we would like to be considered if we would like to request a waiver" means, that if you have any additional information, a letter from your daughter or a physician, something that you know DoDMERB does not have, and you feel that it would help the waiver authorities make their decision, then send it in. It is not something that has to be done.

I would suggest that your daughter write a letter explaining everything in her words, as I do for almost every applicant. There is something about reading how the issue affects the applicant in their words vs. just reading the medical records.

Could there be other disqualifications down the line? It is possible. Once DoDMERB has a disqualification they will not request any remedial infomation until the waiver is granted. I really do not think an eye disqualification could be hidden though, as that would have been picked up first. So from that standpoint I think you are OK.

Does this help to clear up the questions??
As far as we know DODmerb doesn't have any records. She's only had the original medical exam we scheduled her for and our short answers to their questions regarding her headaches and medication. With that in mind would the letter be the only thing you would recommend sending in at this point.

Yes- everything else is clear- thanks much.
I would get copies of all her medical records concerning the headaches and submit them to DoDMERB. The more information the waiver authorities have the easier it is for them to make a decision. Of course that can also be a bad thing, but more often than not it works in the applicants favor.
Thanks RetNavy. Yes I can see how it could be "bad" to send all the records- they look intimidating (to me anyway) even though they rule out anything serious except for migraines. They are now controlled by the medications. I'm not sure how involved to get- I'm thinking to send records from her most recent physician who is the once that has her on the medication. She has been seeing him for over a year now. Along with a letter from her. If we go with records before that we will be getting into pounds of documents which will bring into other junk that involve eye tests and spinal taps, etc. when we saw a Dr. that wanted to rule out all kinds of "other stuff". Do you think this sounds reasonable- or evasive. I just want to be doing the right thing and know this will most likely be a one time shot at this.

Thanks much-
I really can't tell you how much or how little to send. I would send in what you are comfortable submitting. The standard DoDMERB reply is to submit all the records concerning headaches.
Thanks for the help- will do what we think seems most appropriate and hope for the best at this point. Appreciate your advice.