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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by USNA051, Mar 1, 2014.

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    Just started this thread to have a wealth of information for those who will be entering the Naval Academy this summer. If you have any tips or experiences please comment!

    Just one tip for the really hot days: When I was at NASS this past summer I learned that there is a silver panel to the right of the door. If you hold your hand on it, the air conditioning will click on.
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    We had mixed results with that one but I like it. There's also a thread stickied for this kinda stuff too, although not from a super recent grad.
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    Some basic tips:

    Be at your best physical fitness level ever! Annapolis will be hot and muggy - it used to be a swamp. Your best weapon is to be physically fit. Do lots of running it will help your endurance and your recovery from physical exertion.

    Develop a thick skin! You will be confronted constantly the first few weeks by the detailers just to force you to deal with pressure. Don't take things person- ally, unless you ARE screwing up. Anticipate it will be a while before you will be able to do anything correctly the first try.

    Develop a good sense of humor! Plebe Summer and Plebe Year actually can be fun and moments of humor. Be prepared to enjoy those moments.

    Be prepared to act as a member of a team! The armed services have to be highly committed to working as a team on every level from the squad through the ultimate joint service level. It is the only way we can function at our most effective and efficient level to perform our duties and achieve our objectives. Understand, that you still will be expected to perform at your best personal level as well.

    Understand the objectives of Plebe Summer and Plebe Year which is to integrate about 1200 young men and women into a class and into the Brigade of Midshipmen. The detailers are charged with shocking and shaping you into a functioning member of both and will push on you until you start to assimilate the values and objectives of the program. You will discover that pressure upon you personally will vary by how you respond to their efforts. As you begin to exhibit the desired behavior, they will shift their focus upon those poor souls who still are fighting the process. I was a plebe once - a long time ago, and I also was a detailer once upon a summer long ago, so I do have some insight into the process, albeit almost ancient history now.

    Make a commitment to the process! You will discover you will do much better if you are committed!

    Best wishes to all of the new members of USNA 2018!

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