Tips for CFA During NASS


Apr 14, 2017

I am going to be attending the USNA SS here in early June, it is approaching quickly! I am quite nervous for the CFA, I know I can retake it but I want to do well. Any tips/strategies for it?

Thank you.
Practice in advance and, if possible, on a hot, humid day. Have someone time you in the events so you can prepare for the fatigue that sets in from doing multiple events with minimal breaks. Annapolis can be quite hot and humid (or not!) even in June. That humidity can sap you quickly if you are used to a cool, dry environment.
Practice it in order a few times before NASS. So many candidates practice an event or two here and there. Practicing it in test like conditions allows you know where you body will start to fatigue and how it will react as each event progresses. As 1985 said, practice in the heat and make sure to hydrate even prior to arrival at NASS.
Agree with practicing in the sequence. CFA during NASS has been held inside Wesley Brown Field House in recent years. It is a temperature and humidity controlled environment. Being well hydrated and watch what you eat during breakfast on Day Two (Sunday) when CFA is held is probably more important regarding your performance.