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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by mhs11, Oct 11, 2010.

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    Mar 28, 2010
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    I feel that unfortunately I'm too far behind the ball on my scholarship application. I've almost completed my afrotc application, but lately I've been reading and researching up on Naval aviation. But is beginning my naval rotc application just now worth it? I'm going to begin and complete my application either way, I just wanted some outside opinions.

    And I guess this could also be a chance post for both afrotc and nrotc.

    3.16 unweighted gpa (yes, very low)
    taking ap calculus my senior year
    ap's and honors classes since freshman year

    1870 SAT:w/600, cr/580, m/690
    no ACT

    youth minister at my church along with many community service activities
    compete on varisty math and debate teams
    4 year baseball player/ lettered junior year and will again this spring
    3 year football player/ lettered in 10th and 12th grade

    your honesty is greatly appreciated
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    Its no too late. You still have until January, but you just won't be in as many boards. If you want to apply, do it. If you wait, then you will definitely have no shot.
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    The 100% guarantee we all can give you is that you have 100% chance of not getting a scholarship if you don't apply.

    The AF and Navy are different species when it comes to a scholarship. Make sure when you apply for the Navy that you have safety, match and reaches on your list. You don't get awarded the scholarship and then take it to any college that accepts you and ROTC. It is tied to the actual school, if you put only reaches, and do not get into that college, you will have to go back and see if you can get into the det of the school you accepted. You don't want to have that added pressure come next spring.

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