Too late to apply now, best option??

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by warefox, Dec 6, 2011.

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    My son will graduate a year early from high school in spring 2012, and this decision made somewhat late in the year has put him beyond the application deadlines for the congressional nomination process to USNA. My son instead intends to apply to the USNA after spending a year in college in place of his final year at high school. (There were many deciding factors to this, but he will be eighteen in September 2012 and his high school is unfortunately not a positive environment in many ways.)

    His credentials are excellent: 4.0+ GPA, several leadership positions including class president and regional governorship in Key Club, captain of two sports teams, club participation, excellent SATs, etc etc. He has letters of recommendation from his principal and teachers, he's ready to go except for the nominations. The only nomination application that is not past due would be from the Vice Presidential office.

    He has applied to both VMI and VA Tech (Corps of Cadets) and I would expect that he will be accepted to both.

    Questions: Would one or the other of the above schools be better preparation for a subsequent application to USNA? Would one be looked upon more favorably than another?

    Should he go ahead and submit the preliminary application to USNA, understanding that it will not be successful at this late date?

    Thanks in advance for any insight.
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    I'm just a ROTC parent, but I would suggest applying now. His stats seem to indicate he's a pretty good candidate and you never know what might happen. In any case, it would be good prep for next year and maybe he could end up at NAPS. Don't really know if one school or the other really has an advantage but I wouldn't think so. I expect, to the academies, an SMC is an SMC, which is better than a non-SMC.
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    Both are great schools and would be great preparation for USNA. Has he already spoken to the NROTC staff at each about his plans to apply to the Academy? They'll be able to give solid advice about what to do at each school to get ready and how successful applicants have been in the past.
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    Yes. Do it. Get everything done as soon as possible.

    I remember hearing from an officer at West Point about a candidate who completed the online parts of the application for USMA in three days.

    It can be done, but he's going to have to work fast and be very proactive with his teachers, guidance counselors, and school administration.

    If he gets it done in the next few days, I don't think he'll be that far behind of the rest of Prospective-2016. Probably little chance for a nomination if the deadlines have passed, but certainly a good chance for a NAPS appointment. And try a call to your congressman anyway. There may be candidates on the nomination slate who were medically disqualified, or withdrew from consideration. It's worth a shot. Vice Presidential nominations are still open until January 31, too.

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