Too late???


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Jan 18, 2007
Hey guys. It's me, just back under a new name. (USAFAhopeful is now USAFA_hopeful. I couldn't remember my password, and i tried to retrieve it, but apparently i used a family email address i can't remember).

ANYWAY....I'm worried about my application and stuff. I just got notification that i will be receiving a congressional nomination, but i'm not quite through with my online app. I have most of it together, but I still have to do my CFA and the writing sample.

I thought the deadline for getting all the stuff in was March 1. However, on the Admissions Directorate Page it says "Open Applications: Appointee Orientation" "Closed Applications: Appointee Data Collection" What does this mean??? Is it too late for me now??

Also, one more important question. I'm kinda confused, b/c I was given NO notice on my DODMERB status, so I log on to their website and lo and behold I have two "remedials" Can someone explain what these are and what I have to do?

I know I have to schedule a medical appointment in regards to a deviated septum, a result of a broken nose. And I have to fill out a "motion sickness" questionnaire, even though i've only gotten it like twice in my life. oh well, that's what i get for taking "do you have or have you ever had" on the form literally. But one problem, it says to complete the attached motion sickness questionnaire: I cant find it!!! You can't get to it by clicking on the "remedial" so I don't know what to do.

Anyway, any help would be appreciated. Sorry for the disorganization in my writing, but it's late and I'm just typingas the thoughts come to me.

Also, one more thing! The deviated septum: I worry it may DQ me, b/c some people experience breathing problems when they have this (it's like a crooked nose cartilage as a result of a broken nose). Do you think they will DQ me for this seeing as they are requiring a 2nd exam of it, even though there is a VERY simpleprocedure that can be done to fix it. Would they allow me to get that procedure to fix it and allow me in??? What are your thoughts??
Woops. Sorry, I didn't see the DODMERB board on here before.

So I kinda know what a remedial is now, and I've been doing some google work and I know there have been people turned down due to deviated septum, but as far as i can tell the doctor just has to note how much air flow is being blocked.

Does anyone know if I have a good chance of getting a waiver for that? Also, my other questions still stand.


I'll answer the medical questions, and leave the rest to others. A deviated septum, as long as there is no restriction to airflow is not a disqualification. If there is more than a minor airflow obstruction then is would be a disqualification, and the wavier authorities would look to see if they thought it would be a hindrance.
IIRC, you are not too late, but hurry up! You have until the stated date to complete your file. I turned my CFA results in fairly late, but before the deadline...I don't recommend cutting it close, though.

I called the USAFA counselor assigned to my son last week and was told that he had until March 1st to complete the application process. My son has been nursing a slight injury and not completed the CFA yet. He intends to do so by mid February. You may want to call your counselor and verify the information.
A month before inprocessing I got into 2 fights, each a weekend apart. I broke my nose among them and had to get it checked out for the deviated septum stuff. Now, where am I? ;) If you can breath just fine, then its no problem.