Too much information in a remedial?

Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by fern2019, Sep 27, 2014.

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    I was sick with a disease (can't name specific one due to privacy reasons) when I was 11 in 2008 and noted that on my questionnaire.
    I received a request for a remedial: "Please state which type of (disease) the applicant had, when it resolved, and provide serology from post-infection that shows (private physician referral)"

    My parent and I went to my pediatrician and received a letter stating that I'm now in perfect health, the disease was resolved in 2008. Pediatrician also provided a serology when I was initially diagnosed which shows how sick I was, and a checkup from after I recovered which was a questionnaire of my general health (height, weight, appearance, etc), serology results (healthy), and a doctors note saying that I had recovered.

    My parent mailed in everything, including the serology which showed how sick I was, the one that was used to diagnose me. Would that be a problem? I've read that it's not good to give any more information than what is necessary, and that serology from when I was sick was not good at all.
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    If I read your post correctly you got a remedial.

    You had no option, but to report it!

    DoDMERB DQs, branches waive.

    The upshot is you were given a remedial, not a DQ.

    Ho!d tight!

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