Took a practice CFA


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Aug 7, 2008
My son took a practice CFA, what do you think?

BB throw 60'
pull ups 6
shuttle run 9.2
sit ups 76
push ups 51
mile 6:48
Thanks Luigi--he is busy finishing his USCGA stuff. Will be taking official CFA next week and official PFE the week after that. Got the "Qualified" letter from DoDMerb for both USMMA and USCGA. Looks like he is going to have it all buttoned up in about 2 weeks. Then the waiting begins.
Looks like he is going to have it all buttoned up in about 2 weeks. Then the waiting begins.

That's excellent!

However, the wait won't be too long for USCGA - as long as he submits his completed application (that means PFE, recommendation forms, transcripts, SAT/ACT, and essays) by November 1, he will get a decision before December 24th, 2008.

KPWEHOPE...let me know if I can help you. I'm an admissions field representative for Kings Point and would be glad to assist you. :)
Thank you very much! This process can be a little overwhelming as I'm sure you know. He has everything completed except the CFA that he is doing next week. If he could do better than the CFA scores I posted if he waited until later in October would that make any difference? What if he could do much better if he waited until February? I don't know if it is pass/fail or if they get an actual score on them. Also he got SAT scores of 770 english and 720 math, he wants to retake the test, he thinks he can improve his math--good idea? Thank you so much.
Earlier over later...
If he expects he can improve something 25%, ok.
If he's holding off to try to get a 'perfect' score, send stuff in now... you can post an update later.
(hoping YOUR son heeds the advice better than MY son did;) .
But everything worked out fine).

HE wasn't worried.... but it drove ME nuts!
Sorry I've not gotten back to you soon...I do apologize. I don't check this forum as much as I should (and will from now on).

I think he's fine! I would send in everything to KP NOW. If he wants to retake the SAT's that fine, but those are very good scores.

KP has already started sending out LOA for the class of 2013 so the sooner he get's it in the better. Has he gotten his nomination yet? If hes already gotten that then he may even get the appointment and not a LOA if he's chosen for admittance.
He is taking his official CFA on Saturday, will send it in first thing Monday morning. He has applied to all his nominating sources. All three have deadlines of November 30th so I'm sure we won't hear anything from them until at least end of December. He's getting more and more excited everyday, so are his Dad and I! Thanks for your imput.
You should be exited! I remember this time 2 years ago :) I wish you the best of luck. Getting an appointment to Kings Point is a very hard thing to do, and if your son gets his you should feel extremely proud! Let me know if there is anything else you need. You are more than welcome to email me at
My son took his official test on Saturday, results are on the way to KP:

BB throw 59'
Pull ups 9
Shuttle run 9.2
Sit ups 77
Push ups 54
Mile 6:55

Now his file is complete!!!!
KPWEHOPE...Good to get the file complete. I believe the first evaluation board starts meeting sometime this month. It's always a good thing to get the completed application in quick. Good Luck! Let us all know how it turns out.:thumb:
The basketball throw is important because....always wondered about that longer on the CGA radar. :biggrin:
Worried Candidate

Hey my name is Michael,
I have been practicing my CFA and I am a bit scared about my scores. (especially the pull ups!:eek:). I took a practice test and these are the scores I got:
BB throw 58'
pull ups 4
shuttle run 9.5
sit ups 89
push ups 55
mile 7:21
Are these scores adequate?
I also didn't know if the CFA as to be in to get a LOA? Sorry to hit you with a bunch of questions but I can't get a solid answer. Thanks.
CFA Adequacy

Adequate would be a good word for them. I'd conitnue to work out and request a retake form for the CFA. While it is pass fail and I believe those are passing scores, they are all in the lower end of the range.

As mentioned previously by others the Pull-ups, (10) and the 1 mi run (7 flat) are the immediate goals to shoot for.

kaullman, USNA BGO, Dad to USNA '07, brother of KP'83
Those scores are pretty close to the ones my son got and he got an LOA two weeks ago.
Another question

Hey I just got my LOA and they told me I have to pass the CFA so what are the minimums?