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    This is the first time for me posting on this forum however I have been lurking around for awhile, any advise that you can give me would be appreciated. So... here 's my story. I am a senior in high school I really want to attend the Coast Guard Academy next year. I got deferred from Early Action but after having upgraded my portfolio, I have high hopes of getting in. Right now I am playing three varsity sports but last week the worst thing happened. I tore my ACL. I just got back from the doctor today and he told me if I ever wanted to play sports again I would need to get ACL reconstruction surgery. There is no way that I will be able to play sports for the rest of this season but my question is regarding the academy. The doctor says that I will be able to jog and swim in 4 months which would put me right at R-Day. He said that I would have trouble with any "non-linear athletics". So for any one who has gone through swab summer or anyone who has had ACL surgery, would I be able to participate in swab summer if I went ahead with the surgery right away? Also, I have already passed my DoDMERB last fall, do I need to tell someone about my current condition? Will it affect my chances of getting in? If an injury like this were to happen while at the academy, what would they do? Sorry but I have a lot of questions because this was not planned. Thanks for any info and help that you can give me.
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    Yes - any injury or severe illness occurring between the time you take your your physical and R-day must be reported to DODMERB. Failure to do you can have serious consequences, up to and including disenrollement.

    It could. Your medical status could change from "QUALIFIED" to "REMEDIAL" or even to "DISQUALIFIED" until the injury is resolved, either through surgery or whatever means your doctor recommends.

    Depends when it happens.

    On R-Day? They may send you home with a conditional appointment for next year.

    Of course it wasn't planned, that's why they're called "accidents."

    My advice is to contact Larry Mullen as quickly as possible, and get DODMERB involved in the process/timeframe etc.
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    I would contact Larry Mullen, but I can also give you a good idea of what is going to happen.

    An ACL tear that has not been repaired is a disqualification. After repair (surgery) it is a disqualification for at least 6 months (depending on healing).

    Besides contacting Mr. Mullen I would also get in contact with your admissions counselor to let them know as soon as possible.
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    If an ACL tear happens AFTER Swab Summer, you would simply get the operation on the government's dime. You would still be there. During Swab Summer is another story.

    I had a classmate who tore his ACL playing soccer during out freshman year. Got it fixed and that was it.

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