Touring USAFA effects on application?


So I was talking to one of my aunts last night, and USAFA/College was brought up. She asked if I had visited yet, and I responded no as it is kinda out of the budget for my family and me. She insisted though a visit or tour would show your seriousness about attending that specific institution. I am serious about it, but I didn’t think a visit would help in the process. My plan was to visit IF and only if I was offered an appointment. Now my those with Appointments/have relatives, son, etc., did you/they visit USAFA?

P.S. I know it’s Christmas, but this is has been on my mind since yesterday.
Your chances of getting into USAFA are based on your accomplishments, and visiting the Academy won’t make any difference as to whether or not you’re selected. My son received an appointment last year without ever having been to USAFA. Good luck and Merry Christmas!


Grandson attended Navy's summer session but has never visited USAFA. While he has a nomination to USNA and USAFA, he received a LOA from USAFA prior to receiving his nomination. As others have stated, a tour of USAFA has absolutely no bearing on one's ability to receive an appointment.


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We visited the campus (USAFA Forum) two summers ago and attended a USAFA Holiday event last year and it didn't matter. My DS received a TWE last April. Tiny part of me thought it would show how serious DS was. Okay, maybe a bigger part.


My DS never set foot on the UASFA Campus until he got his Appointment in mid-March of last year. He went on to accepted his Appointment in early April. Then he went on a tour of the campus. After the tour, he was sure he made the right choice. So, no visiting the had no bearing on you getting an Appointment to USAFA.


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DS never visited prior to receiving an appointment but did attend one of the appointee sessions after. So from this vantage point it's safe to say a visit prior isn't necessary or positively influences your application.