Jul 21, 2016
My school mailed my transcript to USAFA over three weeks ago, and it still hasn’t shown up on my portal. Does anyone know how long it usually takes for transcripts to appear on the portal? Should I call the Admissions Office since it’s been over three weeks? Thanks!
If I recall, USAFA prefers the schools to use what they call a "transcript service". However, as with my DD, her high school was very small and did not have such a service available. So, it was mailed via "snail mail". It took about four weeks to show received. It will not hurt to call the Admissions Office to check.
I might wait the full month. It's not like they get 200 transcripts. They get thousands, from thousands of applicants who attended many thousands of schools.

For instance, just from my two sons:
one homeschool transcript with complete course description (and I mean COMPLETE)
two local colleges
one cyber charter school (with all the explanations attached)

It does take some time. Try to be patient. They are only human!
My application is all over the place. I have my transcript in lmy school profile section, so I contacted admissions and they said just wait.